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Internet Marketing Techniques Assignment Help

As we all know that today’s generation is totally dependent on the Internet for even small daily works. As per a survey, the number of internet users in the world is 3,691,710,349 and this number is still growing rapidly. So, the need of internet marketing is arising and all the big and small companies are looking forward to the internet marketing techniques as they are more effective than the traditional techniques and their demand is also rising day by day. So, it is very important for every company to focus on internet marketing so that they can influence a greater number of customers and can market their products and services effectively. Content is the backbone of internet marketing if one wishes to get a good response from the internet marketing then he or she must focus on the content that they provide good quality of content to fetch more and more buyers.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing also is known as web marketing, online marketing, and e-marketing refer to the marketing of products and services over the Internet. Its scope is beyond developing a website and maintaining it. It includes each and every strategy that should be taken into consideration while opting e-marketing. It is a very diverse concept which includes various techniques and strategies.

Some Internet marketing techniques are as follows-

  1. Blogging - Blog writing is very helpful to connect to the customers and the potential customers as it helps the customers to get more familiar with the working and the methods used in the working of the business and it becomes an open platform where both the parties can come and express their viewpoints in details and can interact with each other. They are different from corporate websites as they have daily or weekly posts, several times regarding the same topic.
  2. Email marketing - Email marketing is a powerful method to connect to potential customers by the marketer or the company. The email marketing is a form of marketing which allows the company to send the customized emails to their existing and potential customers in which they provide the information about their company and its product and services which they offer to the public. This type of marketing helps the customers to get familiar with the product of the company that they provide and different range of services that they can avail after connecting to the company. The main purpose of email marketing is as follows :
    • It helps in strengthening the relations between business and his/her previous and current clients to establish customer loyalty.
    • It helps in acquiring new clients and motivating the existing clients to purchase the products and services of the organization.
    • Inculcating advertisements sent by other businesses and presenting them in front of their customers.
  3. Use of search engine optimization - Search engine optimization is a way by which the company can detect the interest of the crowd to whom they are targeting and with the help of keyword planner anyone can search about the interest of consumers what they like and what not and what are their taste and preferences so that the company can change and modify their products as per the requirements of customers only. This helps the company to customize the use of keyword planner and helps the management of the company to save its time.
  4. Writing an online press release - Online press release is a tool to communicate with the stakeholders with the help of internet. Online press release helps in increasing the level of awareness in the online community and to provide information about the workings of the company to the public. It is the best way to release the newsworthy stories of the company on the public platform and it is somehow similar to a press release that is usually submitted to the offline print media.
  5. Geo-Marketing - This is a marketing technique in which the geographical locations are used to plan the marketing process of a product or a service. Geo-marketing has a direct effect on the development and the research of modern technology, trade, and recognition of retail types. Geo-marketing is also used in finance as it helps in identifying the ATMs traffic generators and creating hotspot maps-based parameters that help in integrating with customer behavior. With the geolocation software, we are now able to detect the nearby social events, determine the location of the customers, visualize the data in the geographic context with the help of its linkage to a digital map, calculate summary information on specific areas. Location-based social media marketer uses geospecific tools to draw the imaginary content that can be posted on the social media platforms for a particular region or area. Individuals can deliver different content in internet marketing, through paid or organic search results, based on the geographical geolocation of the targeted audiences. Geo-marketing can also be defined as a strategy for the online marketers in which they can provide valuable information that helps people to take important decisions in their businesses using geographical information. It helps in accessing the website visitor’s location details such as country, region/state, city, zip code, organization, IP address, etc.
  6. Article Marketing - When the company distributes short articles for many customers like banks, forums and newsletter publishers with a motive to engage a large number of online public and increase sale opportunities for products and services on websites it is called Article Marketing. Article Marketing helps in increasing brand awareness of the company and if the content is good and the articles are useful enough for the customers then the readers can be easily converted into the organization’s customers. Article Marketing also helps the company to increase its page rank and helps in Search Engine Optimization. It is also a type of inexpensive marketing and in article marketing, the cost involved is very less which is also helpful for the business to reduce its spending on brand awareness. Each article contains a bio box and byline that has references and contact information. It can also help in increasing business’ credibility and can help in attracting new customers.
  7. Search Engine Marketing - This type of marketing technique can be used to increase the visibility of the website in Search Engine Result Pages. This will help in the promotion of the website of the organization. This can be done using paid methods, contextual advertisements or using search engine optimization. This is a very effective technique as people when searching for something, the first few links are the ones that they most probably click on. Therefore, it is good to reach out to people, also people think that the top results are the most relevant ones. This can also help in enhancing the organization’s reputation.
  8. Viral Marketing - It is the marketing technique that helps in creating brand awareness through already established social networks. This marketing technique helps in increasing brand awareness and achieving other various marketing objectives such as sales, using self-replicating viral processes. Information can either be spread through word of mouth or can be enhanced using the network effects of the internet. The promotions can be in the form of video clips, images, text, e-books, or brand-able software.
  9. Social Media Marketing - It refers to the act of using social media platforms, online communities, blogs, wikis and other collaborative forms of internet media for marketing, sales of the products and services, public relations, customer services, etc. Some of the most common media marketing tools used are Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  10. Affiliate Marketing - It is the technique that is Internet-based in which the organization provides rewards to one or more affiliates for bringing in visitors or customers by utilizing his/her marketing efforts. Affiliates are basically the people who bring in customers and receives a commission based on the number of visitors or customers brought in.
  11. Podcasting - It refers to an audible form of content that can be used by the organization to have a great impact on the customers. It is not always true that only visual content will be effective. It can be done on the organization’s official website or on another business’ website. It helps in reaching out to a lot of people and also helps in building business relations.
  12. Hosting Webinars - Webinars refers to providing short term courses online on the website or any other media platform. It can be helpful when an organization is launching a new product or deals with complex products. Webinars can be used to explain the customers and aware them about the use of the products offered by the organization. Only when the customers know the usage of the products, he/ she can think of purchasing it.
  13. Conversion optimization - People visiting the organization’s website is not enough unless they get converted into customers. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that visitors get converted into customers. It ensures that more value is generated from each and every website visitor by maximizing the conversion rate. It may refer to including more conversion opportunities or improving the ones already established by the organization.

There are a few traits that are crucial for any internet marketing technique to acquire. They are as follows :

  • Expected - people expect the organization to have a basic online presence, such as website, Facebook page, etc. without these the organization is not considered worthy by the audience.
  • Accessible - there may be a learning curve associated with each and every strategy, but moreover, the strategies are accessible by the customers.
  • Affordable - the organization need not spend a lot of money on the strategies, making them easy to opt even if there is a tight budget.
  • Valuable - the strategies mentioned provides high potential outputs.
  • Time-sensitive - the more time invested in the mentioned strategies, the more power they acquire. The sooner the organization involves in them, the higher the potential payoff.

There are various other internet marketing techniques that an organization can explore. Also, an organization can use the above-mentioned techniques in combinations so that maximum output can be achieved. Internet marketing techniques are very useful in each and every organization. Its effectiveness depends on the technique adopted by the firm in a particular situation. There are various pros and cons of internet marketing that should be kept in mind by the organization before adopting any Internet marketing technique. They are as follows :

Pros/ Advantages

  • A wide audience can be reached by the organization with the help of internet marketing. Also, the advertising budget is also less as compared to traditional advertising methods.
  • Internet marketing enables customers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience. Hence, the businesses can enjoy the advantage of appealing customers using a medium that can help in bringing quick outputs.
  • Most of the elements of internet marketing campaign can be easily tracked, measured and tested. This helps the marketer to determine which information interests the audience and is useful in attracting them.
  • Internet marketing instills a more profound sense of accountability among the advertisers as the efficiency, exposure and response of the campaign can be easily tracked as compared to the off-line media techniques by using tools such as web analytics.

Cons/ Disadvantages/ Limitations

  • It is essential in internet marketing that customers should use new technologies instead of traditional media.
  • Another limitation is the low-speed of internet connections. If the websites that are designed by the company are complex or large, it can be a hindrance as the content delivery may take time. This may make the customers disinterested resulting in no sales of products and services.
  • The products and services being virtual can also be a limitation for the customers. As they are unable to touch or feel the product, it brings in ambiguity in the customer’s mind. Although, this hindrance is being tackled by providing convenient return policies, there are people who prefer purchasing only after having the actual product in front of them.

Depending upon the organization’s preference and the type of products and services they offer, the internet marketing technique can be selected. The failure or success of the technique adopted depends on the type of audience the organization is addressing, location, product, etc. If the limitations of the techniques can be tackled by the organization, then it may work in favor of the organization’s objectives and interests.

Also, it should be kept in mind while utilizing the internet marketing techniques that nowadays everyone operates websites using mobiles, therefore, to make the technique impactful the organization should design the websites, blogs, etc. so that it works properly on the mobiles as well. If a person tries to reach the website of the organization using mobile, the website should be designed in a way that the customer does not face any problem.

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