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Internet advertising is the advertising of products and services through the means of internet and this type of marketing promotional tool take place in websites and social networks and blogs.

From the last 20 years, internet marketing is in trend and is influencing the customers of small and large businesses on a large scale.

It is a major advertising technique which reaches to a million of people at just one click and promotes the products quickly and provides information to the respective customers regarding the product. Internet advertising has now become a major promotional tool for advertising techniques in today’s world. It has been observed that internet advertising is influencing the purchase decisions of the public in large and has impacted the spending patterns of the people very much. This leads to the change and most often increase in the spending of the family. As per a study, a person tends to buy a product more often when they repeatedly see the advertisement of the product or the related product on the internet and social media networks and increase their desire to buy the product as soon as possible. So, internet marketing and internet advertising are beneficial to develop a desire and need for their potential customers so that they can buy the product as soon as possible.

The scope of Internet Advertising

Advertising is required to promote a product or service in any type of market. This promotion could be for a small product or a big and expensive product. All products require promotion so that the customers can make aware about the existence of the products and services and their respective price ranges and the information regarding the products and services to their potential customers which helps them to analyze the pros and cons and to understand the nature of the products provided by the organization.

Traditionally newspapers, radio, and TV were used to promote the products and services but now the scenario has changed and as the demand for internet and its complementary products are rising then the demand for the marketing tools used in the promotions with the help of the internet is in good demand.

Some advantages of internet marketing are -

  1. Convenience and quick service – This form of marketing is convenient for the customers and for the seller as well. This is the most valuable advantage that the internet marketing is easily accessible anyone can do promotions of their products and services with the help of this promotional tool easily sitting anywhere in the world and this is the greatest advantage of being an internet marketer or using online marketing tools for online advertising.
  2. Low cost of advertising – The cost of advertising using the internet medium for the promotions of goods and services in different markets is very low. This not only saves the cost of the seller selling products and providing services but also reducing their time and efforts. Online communication is more affordable than the traditional means of communication and advertising like radio, television, banners, posters, hoardings etc.
  3. Measure and track results – internet advertising helps the seller to know the effectiveness of their online advertising tool as it can measure and give you accurate results of the advertisements seen by the people and how many of the customers have clicked your advertisement and the conversion rate of the per click of customers and all the related data can be accurately analyzed easily by the seller of the products and services.
  4. Demographically targeting – With the help of internet advertising one can concentrate on targeting on a particular type of demography of people this helps them to target only a given set of people which will help them to reduce their efforts and target only their potential customers and to the audience to whom the seller really wants to offer the products and the services. Demographic targeting helps the seller to specifically attract a targeted group of customers who will be interested in availing that products or services whenever anyone visits the website of yours, they fill the required field for their requirement which helps the seller to analyze the exact need of the potential customer.
  5. Global marketing – The internet advertising helps the company to market its products and services at a global level and without any difficulty. This helps the company to expand its local business into an international business and to reach the global markets easily with the help of tools of internet advertising which assist an organization or a company to reach to the global markets easily.
  6. Helps in multi-tasking – The online marketer has the ability to do and handle many works at a time as it helps them to save their time and the marketers doing online advertising or marketing can work very effectively on any other tasks as the physical presence is not required while doing the internet advertising.
  7. Automated, Tech-Savvy Marketing – The another advantage of internet marketing is that marketing this way is easy with one-mouse-click automation. If we compare it the traditional marketing tools it is very easy as saves the time and efforts of the other person and on the same time, we can keep our workings handy with the use of tablets and smart phones anyone can take charge of his or her internet advertising progress and effectiveness.
  1. 24/7 effectiveness – This marketing tool is effective at all the time of an hour and in a day and this helps the marketer to reach to all types of companies and customers in all the countries of the world irrespective of their time zones and their holidays. Internet advertising is effective in the full day and all the times and days of a year. While making an online campaign and doing online advertising no such time difference is there to worry about nor in the regional area and neither in the international zones. Whenever any person will open up their computers, laptops or their smartphones there is a high chance that they open and see your advertisement on the internet.
  1. Instant Transaction Service - Executing transactions is easy and nearly instant online. You can do this through a digital payment service so that there is no need for cash to go between the marketer and the customer to buy and sell merchandise. This is all possible due to payment processing solutions executed by third-party payment processing companies such as PayPal.
  1. Relationship with the customers – In internet advertising the seller provides all the information to the buyer on their respective email address which increases the credibility and it provides all the information like product description, available coupons on their respective products and services and the warranty and guarantee details etc. they also provide information on any good and service which will be available in the near future and the newly launched products and services. Apart from the email, the seller can also use the medium of social media websites and other applications to reach out to their respective customers and buyers.
  1. Time effective tool of marketing – In internet advertising the requirement of human efforts and time is very less and we can put all the advertisements on the internet easily without any hurdle by just following some simple steps. Within the time span of few minutes, one will be able to get their advertisement published on the internet mediums of marketing like social networking websites and educational portal, government sites, shopping sites etc. wherever the potential buyer is most likely to visit in their free time on their laptops and computers and mobile handsets.
  1. Less requirement of skills – In internet advertising very less education is required. Anyone with the good knowledge of search engine optimization and Google AdWords a can do this internet advertising work very efficiently a defectively and any other further knowledge is not required to make your advertisement on the internet. As it is simple and quick at the same time which will help the seller to hire any fresher who has knowledge of internet and its uses can do this work easily as more skills are not required in making an advertisement on the internet platform.

Some of the disadvantages of internet advertising are

  1. Internet Fraud – As the use of internet is increasing, in the same manner, the frauds pertaining to the internet is also increasing day by day and this factor has given birth to a threat of internet fraud in the companies where the workings of the internet and related activities are more in number and where most of the workings are based out of internet. Sometimes, the fraudster transfers money from our account to their own by hacking our account or website.
  2. Requires special skills of internet marketing – Any person going to advertise its products and services on the internet must have proper knowledge of internet marketing and internet advertising and search engine optimization which can only help them to make an effective advertisement for their products and services in an organization or business entity.
  3. Literacy level – A person must be literate enough to read and write in English as well as in any other regional language then only the other person will be able to make him understand what he or she wants to offer and say, in the same manner in online advertising one must be aware about the internet and its uses and must be literate enough to access the internet for his or her requirements until the potential customer or target audience ahs the knowledge of internet marketing , internet advertising and must have access of internet in their homes and offices otherwise they will be no use of internet advertising and any other internet marketing tool .
  4. Accessibility – In rural areas of any country internet facility are not available to their potential customers. In rural areas, most of the people are illiterate and don’t have that much money to avail internet facilities in their homes. So, this is a big drawback of internet advertising techniques that is available on the internet only and not in any other medium of entertainment.
  5. Negative feedbacks of the public – For the perpetual succession of a business it is very necessary to keep its customers happy and satisfied as the customer is king for every type of product and service. Customers feedbacks are very important for a person to expand its business and remove all the bugs and errors present in their products and services. Customers feedbacks can spoil one business or can help to expand one’s business in such a manner no one other can. Negative feedbacks of the customers put the business of a person or a well-established organization in danger which can destroy the sales potential of a business and can lead to the occurrence of huge losses to the organizations and the business entity.

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Impact of internet advertising on buying behavior and purchasing pattern of the customers and the public

Internet advertising has both the positive as well as negative impacts on the public and for sellers. For sellers the positive impacts are that internet advertising can increase the sales for its products and services easily and can boost up their profits and sales and in the same manner it is helpful for consumers as it is the most convenient means of buying a product and availing a service in which they can also give feedbacks and complain regarding a product through medium of internet only.

The negative impact of the online advertising is that it has increased the number of internet frauds on a very large scale as more and more people are inclining towards the internet facilities, in the same manner, the s frauds related to internet is also increasing day by day and on the other hand for the consumers it is affecting their monthly budget and increasing the habit of online spending on the products and services which they may not need but because of the use of internet they tend to see it on a regular basis so they eventually develop a desire for buying a  particular product or service which effects their monthly budget and increases their  overall spending.

Here are some types of internet advertising and the ways by which one can advertise their own products and services through means of the internet -

  1. Display Advertising – Display advertising is a type of advertising in which images and text are displayed on different websites and different blogs. It is a type of paid advertising on the internet. “Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website” (Display Information World). Display advertisements are different from another type of advertisements available on the internet.
  2. Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEM / SEO) – Search Engine Marketing is done when the seller pays after the potential customer clicks the advertisement and reaches to their website. This type of marketing helps the business by taking the benefit of specific information about the products and services and the potential of the market. Search Engine Optimization is done to gain a high ranking in the Google platform by using the most searched words in their own advertisement and creating high-level content and adopting some SEO tactics. Search Engine Optimization is a paid technique of advertising online. These two types are mostly used by small and large businesses to improve their business sales and to increase the profitability of their business.
  3. Social Media Platforms – Social media platforms are the platforms where the advertisement can fetch the eyes of a lot of people as the number of people involved in social media networks these days are huge and they access to these social media networks for more than 3 hours a day which makes them more socially active and helps the sellers and the big brands to promote their products and service on a large scale at a time and this is the most effective way to promote the products and services which can further help the companies and individual business to improve their profitability, band awareness and helps in expanding their business. This is one of the easiest ways to improving brand awareness and increasing sales turnover of a company or an organization easily without giving many efforts, cost and time.
  4. Native Advertising – Native advertising is a type of advertising when the searches related to the product that we search come up at the bottom of the web page when we buy some product. These are the closely related search for the product that we are searching on the online platform and this any also show the complementary and substitutes of the products that we may also prefer to purchase. This type of advertising is beneficial and effective to increase and boost up the sales of the business and the company.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – this type of marketing is used when a third person is involved between the buyer and the seller of the product and helps to increase the sales and promotion of the products and services. In these types of marketing, a person who is a blogger and one who has a lot of followers are used to promote our products and services and paid some amount in return for the promotion. This is also a paid promotion technique I which the promotion of the outlet, brand or product and any service is done by a famous person in his or her field by paying him or her a certain amount of money.
  6. Pay Per Click (PPC) - Pay per click (PPC) ads explain their concept right in the name. These are ads that advertisers only pay for when a user clicks on them, which contributes to the strength of PPC as a tool. If the ad was seen by 100 people and only 1 person clicked the ad, the cost of the ad revolves solely around the 1 who clicked. PPC ads are usually text, with a small image if at all. Keep in mind that 6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. This is used by most of the famous brands and even small companies and in this advertising, one can decide upon the budget and the amount of money he or she wants to spend on the advertisement of their products and services. The payment is collected by Google and anyone can avail this advertising tool by paying a little amount of money to Google. this advertising technique is cost effective, less time consuming and involves fewer efforts in it. This is very effective and anyone can control this advertising from their mobile phones and from their tablets or laptops at any point of time and from anywhere in the world.
  7. Remarketing - Remarketing (or retargeting) is a type of online advertising that does exactly what it says it does. This cookie-based technology literally followers the user around the internet, in order to remarket him/her again. Statistics show that only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit, which means 98% of users leave without converting right away. These users are targeted once they leave the website by then seeing subtle hints (ads), reminding them about their previous interest. This gives the exact data in a number of potential customers and the expected customer and the conversion rate of the potential customers into actual customers.

So, these are some ways by which one can increase the awareness of their products and services and can increase the sale of the company and takes the profitability of a company to the next level without involving many efforts and without investing much time and capital resources. some basic knowledge of internet and its related advertising techniques is required to make the online advertisement effective for the growth of the organization or a company.


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