INFS1602 Week 9 Case study


  • How will organisations know what to look for when using social media for business intelligence?
  • Organisations have to deal with the bombardment of information and the storage of data through using cloud computing.
  • The data stored in cloud computing is used in the development of tools for business intelligence systems to understand and interpret social media messages and sentiments (such as happiness and anger), as well as distinguish between responses generated by users and bots on the internet
  • How can government organisations analyse social media activities to predict social upheavals
  • Because people are more willing to share their opinions and their daily activities to their friends/anyone, government organisations are able to glean an insight into possible negative social disruptions in society from people’s personal information
  • Given the speed and volume of activity on social media, what business analytics and visualisation tools could be used to make sense of the information?
  • Visualr: a state of the art data visualisation tool that provides enterprises with an extensively flexible connectivity in terms of multiple data sources – provides visualisation and infographics for organisations
  • Some cloud tools are able to analyse social media patterns and statistics (such as IBM’s cloud data services)