Informative Speech Writing Help

Informative Speech Writing Help

Informative Speech is a type of Speech which is used to inform the audience. The language of the speech should be very clear. This is the basic rule that differentiates informative speech from other speeches. Enlightenment of information is the main goal of delivering an informative speech. One should set his mind that the audience knows nothing about your topic and you have to speak about every single point related to the topic.

Informative Speech must aim to make the audience understand a subject better and to remember what they learned later. The speaker should not sway the audience according to his point of view instead both sides of the coin should be told to the audience so that they can make an educated decision or learn about a subject they are interested in.

Speaker must know the proper way to represent all of this information. Also, Informative speech really does not rely a lot on pathos because it is an appeal to the emotions of the audience and an important component of persuasive speeches. Instead, an informative speech should only rely on visual aids, for example, to provide the audience with a visual depiction of valuable knowledge should be included in the conversation. Presenting the learning in varied patterns during the speech enhances the possibility that the public will remember and learn from the information covered in the speech.

Purpose of Informative Speech

The purpose of the informative speech is crystal clear to simply deliver information related to a topic. Informative Speech’s purpose is as similar to writing an informative essay. The structure of organizing an informative speech and kind of information in an informative speech should be similar to that in an informative essay.

The purpose of Informative speech can be achieved by the following ways -

  1. It is important to primarily take a topic of choice. This topic should be the one that is already known . in other words, one must have knowledge related to it. Or it should be a topic which an individual is eager to study about and he wants to gain knowledge through the research.
  2. Outlining and Drafting your information is the second important thing after choosing the topic. A mind sketch would not work here. It is necessary to write down your plans and then start working on it.
  3. The planned sketch must include the key features and specifications and information related to the topic.
  4. While delivering the speech Make sure to reach the audience's notice.
  5. Summarized points would be a good idea to take a long while giving the speech.

Types of Informative Speech

There can be many ways to inform the audience about the topic and give related information to it.

The foremost prototypes of informative speeches incorporate Definition, Descriptive, Explanatory, and Demonstrative.

  • Definition Speech

Definition speech describes the following elements -

  1. Meaning of the topic.
  2. Theory or Philosophy of the concerned topic (because there is a possibility that the public does not know much about the subject ).

The topics in definition speech should be common, For example, it can be about a sport or very special information like speaking about a remarkable person. The central purpose of definition speech is to teach and instruct the audience. The audience must be able to understand the foremost features of the subject.

  • Demonstration Speech

A demonstration speech describes the procedure of doing something. For example, when a professor gives a lecture on how to do to referencing they are delivering a demonstrative speech. This is because the professor is explaining the information's procedure, he is explaining the working of it instead of just defining "what is bibliography ".

Visual examples are important to show while speaking a demonstrative speech so that the audience can see the procedure and correctly understand it. It guides the audience how to move from step to step through a specific exercise. Visualizations support the audience in retaining of what each step looks like which increases the likelihood of retaining the overall knowledge of the conversation. A demonstrative speech must create a mental picture in audience members’ brains.

  • Explanatory Speech

An explanatory speech gives a representation of the nature of the concerned topic.

An example of explanatory speech can be considered as the kinds of speeches that are delivered at MNC conferences. The main purpose of all of these speeches is to notify the audience on a critical, distinct or specific part of the MNC. These various types of speeches commonly use appropriate visualizations. This is done in order to supply the working staff a visual and clear description of the selective data or statistics recorded in the speech. This is one easy way to decrease the misunderstandings related to the topic in the audience. through this, extremely complicated data can be easily delivered to the audience.

  • Descriptive speech

Descriptive speech has the aim to create a striking image in an individual's brain. This image can be anything related to the following -

  1. Any object
  2. Any person
  3. Any animal
  4. Any place

For example, if a palaeontologist has discovered a new dinosaur or a scientist has recorded something different about the human body then they might use demonstrative speech to inform an engaged audience about their recent discoveries. An archaeologist may also employ this type of speech when he ha to describe a  new temple in South America, which he has discovered.

The many numbers of information are there, there can be that any type of ways to deliver an informative speech. These four ways are the clearest and adopted ways until now. When choosing what kind of informative speech you want to compose and read, analyse what you want the audience to understand and grasp about your topic.

Importance of Informative Speech

An informative speech is a vital part of learning, especially in matters of sharing knowledge on a given subject. Informative speech plays an important role in even spreading awareness to the public about a concerned issue.

An efficient informative speech helps in providing the audience with knowledge which is significant and is not known to many people. Listeners do not like hearing about things which are already known to them. The speaker must develop his Speech according to the level of knowledge the audience has. Informative speech delivery must be beneficial to both the audience and the speaker.

Examples or Subjects of Informative Speech

College lectures are the most primary example of Informative Speech. There can be many other examples of informative speech like -

  1. 1. In the field of advertising, the model or actor indulged in the clip is informing customers about the benefits to use the product on which advertisement is based. Thus they are informing about a particular product to their audience.
  2. A Classic film can be another important example. The film basically narrates the story of historical happening which the audience watches in movie theatres.
  3. The medium of delivering historical information is not just limited to movies. This method is also incorporated in novels, stories, magazines or other written material. Although this can also be counted as an informative essay if the written information is delivered with "I" notations then it is basically a type of informative speech.
  4. Documentaries showed on TV about the various ancient and present subject can be another example.
  5. 5. Social networking websites are also a developed method to deliver informative speeches. This is done by making videos and further uploading it on a social networking site where people listen or watch this speech. These people are called as Vloggers. For example, Beauty Vloggers deliver information in their speech about beauty products and other fashion related.
  6. Informative speech telecasted on T.V in an interview or programme about a particular actor or actress focussing on providing a description of who the person is and what movies or plays they have been in. Incorporating famous pictures or clips from works is a way of increasing the audience’s retention of the information about the particular person.

Subjects for Informative Speech -

An informative speech about the causes of a volcano eruption could be considered a topic or subject to the informative speech as it is only delivering important information about how it happened. But subjects included in informative speeches should not bore the audience and should maintain their interest throughout the speech. The subject should be written in a way in which no convincing should be made. Basic information about the topic should be delivered by referring both sides of the coins so that the audience gets their own liberty to choose the right side they believe in.

Some Interesting subjects to write informative speech upon can be following-

  1. How to obtain online degrees?
  2. Hybrid cars and other automobiles
  3. Organic vegetables and fruits
  4. The reality of reality shows
  5. From where did the alphabets and numbers have originated
  6. The history of tobacco use
  7. What medical problems can be solved through DNA
  8. Why is the pink colour associated with girls
  9. 9.Origin of Women in Military
  10. How much successful are herbs as medicine?
  11. What ended the cold war
  12. Is there any communication between animals?
  13. Marriage ritual around the world
  14. History of crop circles
  15. Can a plant grow without sunlight?
  16. How can an apartment be furnished without much expenditure? Etc.


  1. The following lines are excerpts from Marie Curie's speech on the discovery of radium:

“I could tell you many things about radium and radioactivity and it would take a long time. But as we can not do that, I shall only give you a short account of my early work about radium. Radium is no more a baby, it is more than twenty years old, but the conditions of the discovery were somewhat peculiar, and so it is always of interest to remember them and to explain them. We must go back to the year 1897. Professor Curie and I worked at that time in the laboratory of the School of Physics and Chemistry where Professor Curie held his lectures. I was engaged in some work on uranium rays which had been discovered two years before by Professor Becquerel.***I spent some time in studying the way of making good measurements of the uranium rays, and then I wanted to know if there were other elements, giving out rays of the same kind. So I took up work about all known elements, and their compounds and found that uranium compounds are active and also all thorium compounds, but other elements were not found active, nor were their compounds. As for the uranium and thorium compounds, I found that they were active in proportion to their uranium or thorium content. “

  1. In this President George W. Bush's address to the state as the US attacked Iraq begins as an informative speech:

"My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.

On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war. These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign.

More than 35 countries are giving crucial support, from the use of naval and air bases, to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units. Every nation in this coalition has chosen to bear the duty and share the honor of serving in our common defense."


1.“The best thing I can come up with is that heroism is doing something where you're really taking risks to help somebody else, and you're not expecting to gain from that risk to yourself. It doesn't have to be as narrow as giving up your life for someone else on the battlefield or saving someone from a burning house—as long as you are putting yourself on the line in some way, in my book, that qualifies as heroism.”

The above speech is a perfect example of Definition speech in Informative category as this speech explains the definition of hero and heroism. In other words, it explains the philosophy of heroism. It is educating the audience so that they can understand the main points regarding the speech.

With the same explanation, the following is also a definition speech as it tells the elements associated with the topic which may sharply effect them.

2.“Religions are also related to politics, and to economic activities like production, distribution and consumption. Religion can unite human being together, but also sow hatred among them. Religion may produce differing impacts in different places. A: one end of the globe, it serves to justify oppression and unequal distribution of resources.”

The below speeches are informative as they are informing the audience about a particular procedure to do things. How to speeches are demonstrative speeches and are mostly explained with visual examples. In the below speeches first one is how to make buttercream whereas a second one is about how to conserve water.

3.“Secondly I’m going to tell you how to make your own buttercream frosting. You will need to gather the following ingredients 1. cup of salted butter softened,! a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 4 cups of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of whole cream milk in a large bowl using an electric hand mixer cream butter and shorting on medium speed. Add 1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract, Add powdered sugar 1 cup at a time mixing well on medium speed. Scrape the sides and the bottom of the bowl to make sure all of the powdered sugar is blended in .”

  1. “We all should improve the habit of water saving and conservation in our home and outside. Here are some points which can help us in saving water outside the doors -We should use water according to the need and requirement and never over-water our lawn they need watering every 5 to 7 days (summer season), every 10 to 14 days (winter season) and almost not in the rainy season. We should water the lawns especially in the early morning or late evening because due to the low temperature and low wind speed it can not be lost through evaporation and totally used by the plants. We should not water the streets, driveways or sidewalks, all are wastage of water…..”

The speech below is giving a description of the state of losing weight. This particular speech although is being delivered to benefit the audience by providing information. The information which is given in this speech is motivating the audience.

  1. “I truly believe that the biggest factor in developing a healthy eating lifestyle is a positive, determined frame of mind. Diet plans I tried in the past didn't work, but to be honest I never really expected them to work. The difference for me came from telling myself, "This is it. You can do it. You WILL do it." I didn't focus mainly on weight loss but on empowering myself to set goals and then meet them. It is important to think positive thoughts about yourself and your journey to a healthy lifestyle. You may face hard times during your transition. The key is to stay focused on your goals and you will always reach them. Like Ralph Marston has said, "Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality."Once I knew I was going to become healthier and lose weight, the next thing I did was throw away all the junk food in my house. I don't know about you, but I knew if the food was in there, I was going to eat it. Anytime I went shopping after that only healthy foods made it into the house. I didn't starve myself. I like to eat too much for that!”


Students are not able to write an informative speech because they are not able to understand the concept. There are many guidelines to apply while writing a speech and informative speech involves more attention. Students are mostly fighting the battle of presenting a speech and when it comes to choosing the right topic they get into huge trouble.

Students are although having no nervousness while speaking or keeping the audience interested but writing down the content is something in which students are mostly not interested.

The following are the most likely mistakes which students do while writing their speech -

  1. Students do not recognise their audience to whom they are delivering the information.
  2. Students choose a topic which the audience already knows about and then that further makes the audience bore
  3. Students do not consider the age, knowledge level and interests of the audience

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