MOD005488: Information Systems and Data Management level 7

Assignment Question


The benefits of information systems in addressing business problems are enormous, that is why many multinational organisations invest in information systems to reduce cost, increase profit and achieve business efficiency. Apply the problem solving process model (Problem Identification, Design Solution, Choice and Implementation) to an existing organisation of your choice. Your objective is to design an Information Systems solution to meet the business challenges the organisation is facing, documenting your solution in a report.

The report will include the following features:

Consider the following aspects of the organisation, people and technology in carrying out thorough investigation and understanding of the existing system:

  1. Critically evaluate the business process and organisational Structure of your chosen organisation.
  2. Discuss how business intelligence and analytics can support and improve decision making in the organisation.
  3. Critically evaluate the ethical and social Issues in Information Systems.
  4. Recommend strategies for data security and integrity.