Information security management


  • Emails are most widely used communication tool that is used in the corporate world over decades
  • It allows making the best possible use of it to communicate and work in the


  • It is imperative to make the tools secure with different securing policies and improvising as necessary

The components of official mail security policy

Data confidentiality

  • Data availability and accessibility
  • Data integrity
  • Data authenticity
  • Web management,
  • Technological enablement
  • Automatic updates

Discussion on the components

  • During making and implementation of the security policy of an official email confidentiality about the data is taken under consideration as it is the most crucial aspect of using email.
  • Availability and accessibility are the two finest components that are important in the policy.
  • It is one of the major components as it takes place in the policy development crucially to make the components integrated together to make an effective use of the official email


  • Data authenticity and other notions related to data security are the components of security policy
  • It helps in the effective and systematic development of the policy
  • Web management, technological enablement and automatic updates can be incorporated through information strategic systems


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