Implementation plan Sample Assignment

Task 2 – Sending an email

You have just developed the implementation plan (Task 1). The next step is to communicate to your team the information that you have outlined in the plan. Draft an email to your team and submit the copy in the box below.

To: Benjamin.Stuart@Le Prestige; Jeff.Williams@Le Prestige; JKyle.Elebanna@Le Prestige; Dennis.John@Le Prestige; Carole.Bosco@Le Prestige; Pierre.Durand@Le Prestige

CC: jennifer@Le Prestige; Singh@Le Prestige; Joanne.backs@Le Prestige; Bryce.White@Le Prestige;

Subject: Reviewed Continuous Improvement – ‘iPad Performance and Integration’

Dear Team,

As you are all aware the ‘Continuous Improvement’ program for the use of iPads in the restaurant was implemented in February 2015. This program has shown some benefits to our work place; although, the expected improvement to productivity and customer growth has not been observed within the initial three month time period set.

With a customer base growth less than the 10% projected, we have decided to review the processes implemented. Part of this review includes additional training of staff, as we have only spent 5% of the initial training budget.

In conjunction with team meetings and consultation with the answered survey, we have devised an implementation improvement plan, which is detailed at the attachment.

Your motivation to date has been outstanding. Part of this review plan will capitalise on your efforts to date and utilise motivated members of the team to train and engage as ‘trainers and surveyors’.

The aspects of the improvement plan include:

  • Combined Workshop Training
  • Implementation Review Meeting
  • Software review


I would like to express my gratitude in your efforts to date – well done. I encourage you to continue with this attitude and provide feedback through out the process. Please read the ‘Reviewed Continuous Improvement Plan’ at the attachment and we will forge forward aiming to meet our targets.



Restaurant Manager

Le Prestige Hotel