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What is an illustration essay?

An illustration essay is a medium to state a declaration and justify it with sufficient and relevant examples and illustrations. Probably one of the easiest kinds of essays, illustration essays are used to give proofs for your statement or thesis and can be easily mastered. It has a more detailed style of writing, which explains each aspect of your work.

Nowadays, schools and universities assign students to work on various experiments, projects, thesis etc., wherein it is important to explain and justify their work. For such requirements, one must be good at writing illustration essays, so that the audience can see from your perspective and understand your opinion better. It includes examples, illustrations and facts which are crucial the authenticity of your thesis.

How to write an illustration essay?

1. Select an apt subject matter

The topic you zero down on itself plays a major role in deciding the success of your essay. Since the objective of an illustration essay is to support your statement with proofs to justify it, hence avoid a topic which invites argument. An argumentative topic will have opinions in favor and against it. Hence, they may be a challenge to justify.

For example, a topic such as abortion will be tricky for you to justify whether it is a right or wrong thing to do, whereas you can explain your ideas much better on in influence of destructive video games on children.

2. Brainstorm well to gather information

To prove your statement, proofs are a must. And to have ample amount of proofs in hand, you need to search more and more! Before beginning to write your essay, brainstorm well on your selected matter and stock up a lot of proofs to give a good reason for your work.

For example, the topic of the impact of destructive video games on children would require information on following areas:

  • Examples of what exactly do these games make the children do while playing.
  • Some existing video games which involve the destruction of humans, buildings, war zone based etc.
  • Children around you who play such games and a record of their behavior and thinking and analyzing the changes occurred
  • Case studies or experiments related to the subject which has been done.
  • Published articles in journals, newspapers and online which further add to the information related to such video games or behavior changes in children.

3. Conduct your own research

For the best results, it is suggested to conduct your own research or experiments as per the requirements of your subjects. Keep a record of all the observations you conclude and make a conclusion out of it, which will be an effective step in justifying your statement.

4. Prepare an outline

A rough idea of the illustration essay will help you plan the flow of your ideas and also what exactly to include. Make a note of the examples and the information which you will be including and what point will they justify. It is also important to plan the schedule in which the examples will be explained so that the essay maintains its order and focus.

For a better impression, put up the strongest example either right in the beginning or make it the last one, so that the readers can remember it better.

5. Frame a correct thesis statement

The thesis statement is a sentence, often included in the introduction, which specifies the objective of writing the illustration essay. It helps in introducing the topic chosen, the reason behind selecting the topic and what is the aim of your paper to the readers. Also, it plays a crucial role in the success of your essay as well. Thus, plan your ideas well before finalizing your thesis statement and express it with the right choice of words too.

6. Well planned paragraphs in body

It would be ideal to write one paragraph for each subtopic, as it organizes the flow of the content and gives the reader a clear view of what ongoing topic. The longer the essay, the more the examples you will need. Out of all the information that you source, pick up the best examples and work on them based on the following points:

  • The order of mentioning the examples. As stated earlier, the strongest example should either be presented first or last so as to create a lasting impact on the reader’s mind.
  • What point will be proven by each of the examples should also be planned accordingly.
  • The co-relation or connection between each example and the main subject should also be explained to present your ideas in the perfect, clear manner.

7. An impactful conclusion

Offer your suggestions in the concluding lines of the essay, and summarize your ideas in a brief. Write in short about the conclusion of the examples that you have mentioned, and how have the examples helped you in justifying your statement.

Things to remember when writing an Illustration Essay

1. Examples should be relevant

The examples you provide form the most crucial part of your illustration essay. Hence, the ones you finalize to mention in your work should be to the point and have a valid point.

2. Explain the examples in the shortest possible way

Yes, do not end up as a storyteller! Remember that the examples which you are using in your essay are only to prove, support or justify your thesis and not to narrate an entire story about them. Hence, keep the examples short and crisp which directly talk about the issue you are discussing.

3. Do not choose a hypothetical topic

Imaginations can be quite a challenge to prove on paper. Do not pick up a topic which is hard or cannot be supported by existing facts. For example, it would be tough for you to prove whether God exists, does life exists after death etc.

4. Do not make any declaration without proof

For each statement that you state in your essay, there should be at least one valid evidence to justify it. Declarations without proofs can make the readers doubt the genuineness of your essay, which can reduce the chances of a good understanding of your work.

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