ICTICT509 case study and presentation


Assignment: Gather data to identify business requirements



  1. Identify an organization that you would like to work with, it can be a department or a part of your institution.
  2. Research the organization and the key stakeholders.
  3. Identify a key decision maker – can be a manager or a general manager. If you can get to speak to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), that would be great!
  4. Organize an interview with this key decision maker, informing the person that you would like to study the organization and make recommendations to help the organization to improve.
  5. Prepare a template for the interview e.g. a SWOT analysis framework, to gather information about the internal and external environments.
  6. Submit the following as evidence of this task:
    • A one-page summary of the organization, its vision and mission (from the Corporate website) and organizational goals
    • An interview plan, including questions that you will be asking.
    • Key points arising from the interview.

Assessment criteria:

To obtain a competent grade in this assessment, students must demonstrate the following:

  1. Ability to compile content and present in the manner required.
  2. Met all the requirements listed above.


  1. Using information provided to you or gathered through the interview process, identify any opportunities for change and improvements, using IT resources. This may include adding a new system or changing existing systems.
  2. Identify any advantages or disadvantages of making changes to the organization’s systems – including financial benefits (more customers perhaps), improve efficiencies (use less people).
  3. Match your findings with the organization’s strategic goals (from Task 1).
  4. Submit the following as evidence for your assessment:
    • 10-minutes presentation of the major advantages and disadvantages of introducing changes to the organization’s systems
    • A copy of your PowerPoint slides should be submitted as well.

Assessment criteria:

To obtain a competent grade in this assessment, students must demonstrate the following:

  1. Ability to compile content and present in the manner required.
  2. Met all the requirements listed above.


  1. Develop a high-level action plans for the projects and tasks that you have identified as opportunities or advantages (from Task 2).
  2. Identify the areas that are inefficient or where money can be better spent elsewhere.
  3. Map these actions over a three (3), six (6) or twelve (12) months period.
  4. Identify any implementation costs including training for staff on new systems and new investments in computer equipment, if any.
  5. Submit the following as evidence for your assessment:
    • A copy of your action plan
    • A cost versus benefits summary

Assessment criteria:

To obtain a competent grade in this assessment, students must demonstrate the following:

  1. Ability to compile content and present in the manner required.
  2. Met all the requirements listed above.


NCELL TELECOMMUNICATION PTY. LTD. is a leading telecommunication in Australia serving thousands of customers over 10 years of period. Richard Branson was the pioneer of the Ncell Telecommunication in Australia. Establishing innovative products and world class customer services. It uses Optus network (a largest telecommunication in Australia) so its coverage over Australia is 98.5%. Its head office lies in Macquarie Park, NSW, AUS.

After doing research I came to know that Ncell Telecommunication is a branch of Ncell Australia Company which entered into Australia in the aviation market for the first time with extra energy over the leisure market. Later CEO John Borghetti, brings revolutionary game change over the market.

There are big competitors like Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and many others. As Ncell is an emerging telecommunication, it should still do a lot more to fight with other competitors over the market. It should make its own network over the Australia and it should cover over all regions of Australia that will challenge other competitors over the market. Bringing the good quality voice service, bringing the new gadgets to the Australian market, providing cheap services, extending the broadband services, optical fiber, are still the challenge for this company.

According to the research, the motto of this company is to make every people over Australia feel less or more about only of Ncell preparing highly engaged and achieve oriented workforce to achieving the goal, missions and visions.

This company is a little bit new to the current market so it has still a lot of challenges to compete with other competitors.

As it is a big organization, it is made up of different level stakeholders, which I found as follows:

  • Founder (Richard Branson)
  • Investors (Richard Branson major shareholder and others many members)
  • Enterprise customers (different institutions, companies, NGOs, Governmental offices etc.)
  • Customers( mobile and broadband users)
  • Industry ( mobile phones, its accessories manufacturer, industries that produces the infrastructures required for smooth operation of this company)
  • Communities ( communities that are benefitted using this company services)
  • Governments and regulators
  • Employees
  • Suppliers ( mobile vendors, sim card manufacturers, and others)
  • Board of Directors/ Managing Directors (CEO - John Borghetti)
  • After doing some research I came to found out that the CEO of the leading telecommunication is John Borghetti. As he is a very busy person, I asked for him for a small time out of his busy life to study about the organization and he agreed on that. And the interview was taken as below:

Interview Template

Candidate name: John Borghetti

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:1960/12/03

Company: Ncell Telecommunication Pty Ltd.

Position on the company: CEO

Interviewer : Sunny/Sagar

Interview Date: 18/07/2016

Interview Place: Ncell Telecommunication Office

  1. Where is you head office?
    • MacquariePark, NSW, AUS
  2. How many Branch office you have in Victoria?
    • We have three branch office one in Elizabeth street, other in Southern Cross and next in Hawthorn.
  3. How much market does Ncell covers?
    • We are best in the market. According to government survey there are 5 telecommunication company in which our company lies in 2nd position after Vodafone.
  4. What type of staffs do you have? National or forigner?
    • Every office has store Manager and customer service staff. To deal with the customer easily we have staff from different country with fluent english.
  5. Whats the total coverage of NCELL in Victoria?
    • 5% of total population use our NCELL in Victoria.
  6. How do you feel to be the CEO this big company and what keeps you encouraging?
    • Well, I feel like I am near to the goal of my life. I would like to be successful entrepreneur in the field of IT which is now being proven by myself being the CEO of such a big company. I was always interested in technological and management field from my childhood and after had I completed by degree in IT, I had done another degree in management as well. Combining those both knowledge, after that I start working on small IT companies, and on struggling today I am on this position. With the support and help of my friends, family, colleagues and other working staffs and well-wishers I could have achieve this in my life.
  7. How are you leading this company towards the trending market?
    • Well, today’s market is very competitive because of a lots of telecommunications established in the market. But it is not sure that they all can long term exist in the market because they can’t fight with other competitors. Our company is providing customer based services that they can afford, bringing new hi-fi gadgets and providing good customer service though effective management, establishing branches and stores at different places. Not only focusing to the urban people but also to the rural people should get the services as the other people in urban area get. Brining new technologies for better services.
  8. What weak points and areas do you find in your company?
    • Let’s go directly to the point. The major weak points are that we are not able to get the adequate bandwidth frequency from the national telecommunication for the expanding our company, and also we are getting some financial crisis in our company as we are newly established. Sometimes due to the new staffs in our stores, they can’t respond to the customers properly and we are getting negative feedback due to that.
  9. So what is your future plan about the company?
    • Well, to build up our finance strong, we are opening share to the market to attract more investors, and nearly in the future we are about to buy more bandwidth form the foreign country or maybe we will lease the satellite so that we can expand our good quality service widely.
  10. What are the possible external or negative threats do you see over your company?
    • To be frank, the government tax is very high; how much we earn, 25% we should have to pay to government. Sometimes there are problems in the systems so there we should have to keep the expert technical manpower to handle that. We are using a little bit outdated systems and software in our company so they should be upgraded to the newer versions with more security. And rests of others are okay.

Finally the following key points are obtained from the interview:

  • Interested in technical and management field.
  • Better customer services, bringing new hi-fi gadgets to the market and global based services.
  • Lack of bandwidth frequency, financial crisis, and lack of proper trainings in some cases
  • Financially strong, hiring satellite or buying bandwidth from foreign country
  • High government tax, outdated systems, lack of technical manpower.

Opportunities for changes/improvements:

  • Replacing the older technical staffs with new and energetic staffs
  • Providing the better customer service
  • Improving the financial status of the company
  • Increasing the bandwidth
  • Increasing the service from mobile to global broadband, IP Telephones, VOIP and other services.
  • Providing different schemes and bonuses to customers from time to time in order to encourage the customers.
  • Boosting newly needed needs.
  • Building up a digital ecosystem.

Advantages of changes/improvements:

  • Expanding services to rural areas can globalise the rural people with the other people around the world and obviously expanding services is beneficial to the company.
  • Upgrading the older system can withstand the exploding the data traffic.
  • It helps in providing the super quality services to the customers than the other competitors.
  • Proper employee training helps the employee to gain the additional experience to handle the customers and make them happy, that helps to grow up in the market.
  • Most of the older technical staffs are still working with using the old technology while the world has gone so far in technology. So young and energetic new staff should be hired.
  • Better customers means, making customers happy, customers are happy means the company successful in business.
  • With improved financial status the company is stable in the market to compete with any others.
  • Providing new super quality services attracts new customers.

Disadvantages of changes/improvements:

  • Expansion to the rural areas is a bit expensive as it requires more resources.
  • Upgrading the older system with the new one is obviously an expensive.
  • Hiring the new technical staffs can be a bit expensive.
  • Leasing a satellite is not a joke.

Action Plans 2016/2017


Tasks/ Activities


Opportunities / Advantages

Following actions are implemented as from 1st of July 2016:

Expansion of services to rural areas

Upgrade of older systems

Employing efficient manpower

Increasing the bandwidth frequency

Boosting newly needed needs

Improving the financial status of the company.

Better customer service.

People get connected to the global world.

Better customer service means better positive feedback for us that increase our customers.

Efficient manpower innovates new ideas and better work place.

Inefficient areas

The main inefficient areas are:

Due to insufficient finance, it will a little bit problem for the expansion o the services.

Inability to attract more customers.

There may be geographical obstacles while expanding the services.

Budget Summary for the one year action plan:


Investment Sector

Budget (in AUD)


Older System Upgrade



Software Upgrade



Staffs Training



Opening of new 10 stores around Melbourne



CCTV on the different stores



Staffs Salary



Rental Charges


Total Budget