HR professionalism Sample Assignment

To understand the HR professionalism and to conduct myself as the HR professional, the study of the CIPD HR professionalism map is done. In the CIPD HR map, the core behaviors that are needed for the effective HR professions are explained. It gives the outlines of the skills, knowledge and behavior that a HR professional needed to be successful by dividing them into 8 behaviors, 10 professional areas and professional competence’s 4 banks. First of all CIPD map reflect the four bands of the different competences that are necessary for the CIPD progression. These different bands describes that what an efficient HR professional need to do, need to know, how the HR professional will do it. Then these different bands description is applied to the 10 professional areas of the HR.

The CIPD HR profession map describes the knowledge required by the HR professional and 8 behavioral competence required by the HR professional.

10 professional areas

Insights, strategy and solution, HR leads, Good employee relations, Learning and talent development, Employee engagement, Resourcing and talent planning, Performance and rewards, Organization design and development, Service information and delivery

8 behaviors

Courage to challenges should be a role model, Curiosity for new ideas, Decisive thinker, skilled influence, personally creditable, Collaborative, Driven to deliver.

The behaviors needed to become an effective HR professional are as follows

Outward-looking: as the all knows that HR is the supporting system of the organization not do the main business of any organization. So, for the addition of values to the business the HR department does not work on itself and the HR activities. But it is outward-looking, that is it thinks that how it can support the other department of the organization in doing the main business. HR department is not in the spotlight, but it is encouraged by success of the organization through the behind the scene support. So, the HR professional should be supportive and outward-looking.

Customer-focused: As the HR department is a supportive system; all the employees are customers for it. The other main customers of the HR department are training providers, prospective applicants. HR professional should provide excellent customer service, so that managers come to them for the suggestion in the future.

Flexible: the most important role of the HR professional is being reactive, as the unexpected can happen anytime. Someone do misbehave, someone resign without notification that will result in loss of business. So, in addition to planning and development, the HR professional should be flexible in planning and development, it can be changed whenever possible.

Integrity: the HR professional behavior also includes the honesty and trustfulness. This behavior is seen in the CIPD code of conduct and ethics of profession. Other employees of the organization look at the HR department for the high behavioral standards. If does not happen then they do not or less likely seek counsel from them.

Confidentiality: HR professional access a great deal of information that should not be disclosed such as pay records, disciplinary records, medical records, previous employer’s reference.

Ethical behavior: The high standard of the behavior should be maintained by the HR professional. The professional conduct of the CIPD code has set out the standard for the behavior that is required. The HR professional should follow this code of conduct; if the company force the HR professional to do something unethical, then the HR professional has resist that unethical thing.

Corporate social responsibility: there is necessity to have ethical behavior not only on the personal level also on the organizational level. The Stakeholders and employees also expect ethical behavior from the organization.

There are areas of ethical behavior, decisive thinker and corporate social responsibility in which I have to improve in order to be an effective professional.

HR professionalism’sfour concentric circles.

These four concentric circles refer to

Self- for the management the HR professional has to improve his knowledge of the issues, subject and business area that will increase its personal credibility. The HR professional should have good knowledge of technology as compared to their competitors. The HR professional has the ability to work in a collaborative way through networking with other professionals

Across the organization- implementation of the focus group that raises the awareness, development of the line manager and better decision making.

Upwards- Have the courage to challenge the management for the new ideas and practices, curious to set their own objectives and a skilled influence (Knight, 2004).

Team: Problem solving ability, ability to meet targets on time and within budgets and collaboration with others for new ideas.

For explaining the four concentric circles and assessment of myself against all these circles I will identify the concept of high quality customer service that is the key characteristics of the efficient HR professional. As a customer, a person got frustrated if he or she got poor customer service.  A customer demands efficiency, honesty, respect, politeness and follow-through from the HR professional. What the customer demands in regard of our product and service, the HR professional should done survey, use mystery shopper approach and feedback from the customers. There should be creation of such a culture that the customer’s complaints are respectfully apologized and there should be quick response to the complaints.

For the excellent service, As the HR professional I will do the following things.

Timeliness: that is respond quickly to the request of the customers

Flexibility: provide flexibility to the product to modify it according to the need of the customer

Friendly: I will create a friendly atmosphere that the customer feels comfortable

Honest: I will be honest in all regards such as the product or service provided to them

Keeping expectation: I will try to keep the expectations of the customers and provide service accordingly.

Quality: providing the customer with high quality product

Problems: addressing the customer about the problems if they arise

Feedback: taking feedback from the customers and quick response to their complaints

Two examples of scenario

The UK government is introduced the legalization that the discrimination on the basis of age is unlawful in relevant to European directive and must be introduced in 2006. The groups that are in support of the older employees are happy because they think that the older employees can offer much to an organization, but for the promotion and recruitment opportunities are passed over. So the groups in the favor of the older employees want more legalization. Being a HR advisor, I will sort out the main points first that are

This legalization is introduced due to the European directive and must be legalized by 2006.

But for the promotion and recruitment opportunities the older employer are passed over sometimes and are concerned about more issues.

After this I will find out the key points that are

What is relevant European Directive

Is it true or wrong that UK is going to introduce the legalization?

It may or may not be introduced by 2006

What data has to be collected to show that it is true that for the promotion and recruitment opportunities the older employer are passed over sometimes

Has there any legal regulation in the current year

The evaluation of the case reveals that there are two sides that one is employer and second is older employee.

The employers are against the legalization because

It is the legalization and they do not want government interference

Has to implement much new legalization in the current year

Older employees are in favor of the legalization because

They miss promotion opportunity due to age

Some employer did not recruit them and legalization will give protection to them.

In this case, being a HR advisor, I will ask the organization they need not to fear if they are working well and not make discrimination on the basis of age, sex, marital status, religion and color and to the older employees that if they have potential, do hard work and perform well then they need not any legalization for their recruitment and promotion because an organization needs experienced and higher performer employers.

In the second scenario, there is case of children and television. The parents think that aggressive programs on the television cause the aggressiveness in the children behavior. They should be played after 9 pm. But the television schedulers asked that there is no evidence of the television programs and the violent behavior of the children.

As a HR advisor, I will sort out the main points, key points and done evaluation of the case.

The main and key points are

Does this statement regarding violation and television is true

The children watches the violent programs

They must be scheduled after 9 pm or not

In this case, as a HR advisor, I will advise the television scheduler that if they know their programs are interesting and people are curious to watch then they can be telecast after 9 pm and also I will suggest the parents that if they stop their child watching that program and encourage them to watch other good programs then they do not face such program.


CPD that is continuous professional development is important part of professionalism because of the following matters

There is need of up to date knowledge in the professionalism

New challenges are faced that need new skills

Need for the development to progress

Requirement of the professional life

Intrinsic motivation

CPD is the technique that is required for the personal development.

Reflection is the main skill that ensures the personal development. In the busy world, the people complete one activity and goes for the next activity. But, there is need of break between two activities, in this time the people should think that what they have learned and what that activity tells about us. I will do the same try to reflect the learning after one activity.

Learning style

There are a number of theories that help in understanding the process of learning, how and why different people learn through different ways.  I will prefer the Kolb learning style, according to Kolb, learning is done throughout the four stages;

Experience concretely- having a feeling and experience

Observation reflectively- reflection on the experience

Abstract conceptualization- from the reflection draws the conclusion

Experimentation actively- conversion of theory into reality

This method of learning is preferred because it helps to know that how we can ensure you that we are successful in learning for what we are doing.

Personal development plan

For the personal development plan, I need to know what my role in the organization is and where I want to reach. For this, I have to focus on the current role and need of the development that is needed for the achievement of goal. For this consideration of current, evolving and future role is necessary and also the reflection on the current role is necessary. The reflection on the current role and development can be done through the self-assessment. If the company do the self-appraisal then it is the convenient way to do the self-assessment, if this is not then ask the manager to give feedback on your performance, that will support to know about your strengths and weakness, your development and so on.

For the self-assessment use the SWOT analysis that is strength, weakness, opportunity and threats analysis. With the analysis of the strengths and weakness, I have discovered that confidence, concentration and multitasking are my three development that need to work for the achievement of goals.After this, the goal and objectives are to be set that one want to achieve in future. For this, will use the SMART acronym that tells that

S stands for Specific

M stands for Measurable

A stands for Achievable

R stands for relevant

T stands for time bound

After setting my objective, I will try to work on the three development needs. For the development of concentration, I will do regular mediation that I think will increase my concentration ability in future.

For the development of confidence, I will take the personality development classes that will help to increase the confidence and also try to attend seminars and participate in them to increase my confidence.

For the multitasking development, I will try to explore myself in every field and read books and journal that help in the same.

My Professional development Plan will include the following points;

Record of the development of the past and also a plan for the development of the future;

There must be space to write down the goals;

There will be a record of the dates for the achievement of the goal and to review the progress of the achievement.

There should be space for what has been achieved and what is remaining to achieve.

There is space for the opportunities in the future.

This will be the Professional development plan.

Through this plan, one can see that how much we will be successful in achieving the goals through the personal development.