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Ever wondered to make your own e-commerce website, to increase the reach of the business and gather more potential clients, all that within a few dedicated hours and that too without having to make a hole in the pocket? worry not, in this tutorial we will be learning how to find the best Magento programmers online at assignmenthelp.

Let us start with a basic introduction: Magento is an open source software which helps in making completely customised internet business with the help of its substitutable skeleton and with the adaptable features that it provides, give complete satisfaction to its users.

This tutorial will help you in understanding the basics of the Magento Ecommerce software which will help you in finding the best online Magento programmers online for making your own e-commerce platform without much problem. The tutorial is divided into various parts so that it is easy to grasp the information. This tutorial is made keeping in mind that the readers already have a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS because they would be used extensively in this tutorial. If not, we suggest to kindly refer to other tutorials for the same.

Hire Best Magento Developers Online

Build My Magento Ecommerce Websites

To understand how to make an e-commerce website, we must have some basic knowledge of the e-commerce business. E-commerce is short for electronic commerce and it is said so because when one shops or does business on the internet, one tends to pay money through the internet and thus the transaction of either, the goods or the services is taking place through an electronic medium hence the name, E-commerce was coined.

If classified, there are four categories of E-commerce which are as follows:

  1. B2B: This type of E-commerce stands for business to business and it mostly happens when the exchange of goods or services is usually between two businesses, for eg. when the manufacturer provides the goods to the wholesaler, it is a kind of B2B.
  2. B2C: This type of E-commerce stands for business to consumer and it mostly happens when the exchange of goods or services takes place between a business and a consumer. This usually happens over the exchange of goods for money, either through cash or a card.
  3. C2C: This type of business takes place when a consumer talks to another consumer directly, through an innovative way, unlike the old ways, where the consumer goes to the shop, here, new ways are found through the medium of internet so that both the consumers can talk.

Features of using Magento Ecommerce Platforms

The various Features of why website developers use Magento are given as follows:

  1. Being an open source software, it means that some of the other kind of development will always be taking place in this software to make it better and more stable. Open source also means that it would be free of cost, some paid exceptions could be there which include either some complex extensions or add-ons.
  2. Magento has various features which make searching of products really easy and quick.
  3. The fact that Magento integrates with other websites like payment gateways or even search engines that are necessary for an E-commerce website to run makes working on it really easy.
  4. It would be a big turn off for a potential buyer if there are limited number of payment options available on any E-commerce website and hence Magento has a variety of payment methods like credit and debit cards, PayPal, money orders and many, many other options available for the users.
  5. Managing can become really easy with the help of the Admin panel, one can easily manage the orders that the website is receiving and change and edit them accordingly.
  6. Being able to support multiple languages, currencies, and Taxes, it is a perfect tool for making the business spread to not only just one region or country. The only thing a buyer can check before buying any product from an E-commerce website are the images of the product provided by the seller or the website and hence, Magneto has features like zoom and enlarge for the complete consumer satisfaction before buying the product.
  7. With so many products and options around the world, sometimes the buyer is confused and to overcome this, Magento has options to filter out products according to the needs of the customer be it the brand, the price, or the colour.

Help with Magento Architecture

In this subtopic about Magento, we will learn about some of the basic layers that make up for the architecture of Magento.

  1. User request: When the user transmits a signal to the web browser or the server in the form of a command, the search engines start to act like clients.
  2. View: When the user requests anything, it is the work of the user interface to display appropriate results and present out the content in the desired format that is set. They are often used to express the way the data looks.
  3. Controller: When the user provides with any input, the response to the user is given by the controller which processes the data with the help of specific models and reverts them to the view.
  4. Model: We know that when the business is spread all across the globe, it will have a huge amount of data that needs to be managed and all this is done by Model, which contains logic data and represents them in a framework. It gets activated whenever the view requests it to and keeps itself updated with the help of the controller.
  5. Database: Database could be understood with the help of a small example: The data of all the products in the inventory are kept in the database. When the user requests the data of any product, it is sent to the controller from the view and the controller asks for the same from the model which and then model takes the information from the database and sends it to the user.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magento

The advantages of Magento as given as follows:

  1. Since it provides so many options to customise along with the options for various currencies and languages, it tends to be a user-friendly open source software.
  2. When one tends to open a website from either a phone or a tablet, the website will be unresponsive because of the different type of code used to make the same but when the website is made using Magento, It scales up automatically for the devices of different resolutions.
  3. The multiple payment options that Magento provides makes making payment hassle free and quick.
  4. With many extensions and add-ons to choose, Magento provides a complete solution to its users to make a perfectly working e-commerce website.

The disadvantages of Magento are given as follows:

  1. Since it uses a lot of RAM and memory, it needs a system with higher memory to work without any lag.
  2. To make a completely customised website, it might take some time on Magento to do so.
  3. Making it highly customised and full of features makes it comparably slow as compared to other E-commerce platforms.

Become the Best Magento Developers: Free Magento Help with AssignmentHelp

Here are a few tips to help you become a better version of yourself while working on Magento.

  1. Stick to the basics: In the programming and the developing world, no matter what height you reach, whenever one starts on a new project, basics have to be always kept in mind because they are the first step to learning anything. By having a strong foundation in Magento, you can always have a possibility to learn more and better.
  2. Take a certified exam: Whenever you apply for a job in any field, organizations and the talent acquisition teams tend to look for professionals with some certification from reputed institutions or examination agencies. These certifications help you in getting the extra EDGE to secure the job.
  3. Stay updated: In the open source software, there are always updates coming that make the software more stable and have some or the other new features in them. To stay on the top of the table, one always needs to stay updated if any crucial changes take place in the software.

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