Healthcare United Recruitment Sample Assignment

Q1) example of recruitment and selection processes best practice step by step:

  1. Identifying suitable candidates. If required, advertise or engage a recruitment or search specialist to identify  candidates
  2. Applicant filtering to identify suitable candidates. This can include using role specific application questionnaires
  3. Candidate screening to confirm suitability. This can ideally be done with a short phone interview prior to arranging face to face interviews
  4. First interviews, ideally face to face.  Establishing mutual fit and interest for both the candidate and the employer
  5. Review and feedback to 1st interview candidates. Select the 1-3 best candidates for 2nd interview
  6. Additional in-depth interviews and assessments as required to select the best candidate
  7. Having chosen your preferred candidate, extend to them your offer.  If they accept, confirm the offer in writing.
  8. Stay in touch and help the candidate through the period leading up to them joining your organisation

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Q2) Recruitment and selection policy and set of procedures 2016

Healthcare United 2016

Recruitment Policy and Selection Guidelines

Policy statement

Healthcare United aims to be the number one provider of Healthcare professionals in Australia.

Healthcare United is an organisation that currently employs 1500 Healthcare professionals with two sites, in Victoria and NSW and seeks to expand its operations and open another office in Hobart.

As an organisation our vision is to provide:

  • the best qualified and trained human resources available for clients
  • up-to-date technology in all services for both clients and staff
  • innovative best practices and procedures from both inside and outside the organisation
  • best facilities and procedures in a competitive environment.

To address the future needs of the organisation, Healthcare United aims to recruit a further 500 of the best possible healthcare professionals available, in three stages, over the next five years.


The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to ensure that Healthcare United has the best possible human resources available to effectively provide its service.

The Healthcare United recruitment and selection process has been developed in line with organisational strategies, relevant legislation and best practice recruitment.

Recruitment and selection process

The recruitment and selection process involves the following procedures:

  1. Vacant position analysis
  2. Position description
  3. Advertisement
  4. Short-list applicants
  5. Interview preparation
  6. Interview applicants
  7. Reference check
  8. Job offer
  9. Feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Vacant position analysis

When a position becomes vacant it is important to analyse the position to determine whether it is still required.


Estimated timeframe: Two to three days.

When a position becomes vacant the following procedure must be completed.


  1. Manager notifies HR about vacant position and requests ‘permission for position form’.
  2. Manager completes their section of ‘permission to recruit form’ stating reasons why position needs to be filled and submits it to HR department.
  3. Position needs analysis conducted by HR department who them completes rest of ‘permission to recruit form’.
  4. position analysis will be conducted on all vacant or new positions

Note: HR may need to question manager about position.

  1. Completed ‘permission to recruit form’ to be approved by senior management.
  2. Once permission is obtained then HR department explore implications, options, legislative and award requirements.

Position description

A position description is an important prerequisite to successful recruitment and selection.

Estimated development and validation timeframe: three to five days.


Managers will assume major responsibility for the recruitment and selection of staff, the training of required personnel and supporting documentation


Healthcare United’s advertising policy: unless there is special authorisation from senior management, all positions must first be advertised internally for a minimum of ten working days in the HU newsletter before being advertised externally for a period of ten working days.

The newsletter is distributed via the intranet every Friday morning and hard copies are also placed on noticeboards in offices and lunchrooms.

All vacant and new positions will be advertised internally and externally for ten working days unless special exemptions apply and be advertised online and in leading national newspapers


  1. HR department creates advertisement for HU newsletter on intranet.
  2. HR sends advertisement to publications department to post on the intranet.
  3. HR creates advertisement for authorised external print media.
  4. After advertisement has been posted internally for ten working days, HR organises for external print media.

Short-list applicants

Short-listing is a process of elimination. However, Healthcare United requires that all internal applicants be interviewed.

Timeframe for recruitment and selection will be two to three weeks maximum


  1. Administration staff to collate all resumes and give to HR department.
  2. HR to read over position description and advertisements.
  3. HR to read each external applicant’s résumé and divide them into ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ piles.
  4. HR to then reread ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ resumes and complete short-list chart for external applicants.
  5. HR reads all internal applications and completes the short-list chart.
  6. HR then collates all documentation from internal applicants and shortlisted external applicants.
  7. HR organises administration staff to send all external applicants not short-listed a standard letter by post.
  8. Interview preparation

Healthcare United uses the interviewing selection technique with interviews being conducted at head office only. Where possible, Healthcare United requires a selection panel of two HR personnel and a representative from the related department to interview applicants.

Timeframe: interview preparation one to two days.


  1. HR requests administration staff at head office to organise:
    1. comfortable and quiet location
    2. food and beverages for interview panel
    3. interview schedule.
  2. HR to organise interview documentation which includes:
    1. position description
    2. resumes for each shortlisted student
    3. consent to check and release police record form
    4. standard interview questions for HR members of interview panel
    5. interview assessment forms for interviewers
    6. use checklist for documentation.
  3. HR organises interview panel: two members of HR department and one staff member from the job-related department with one of the HR members being the chairperson.

Note: It is preferable that the staff member from the job-related department is experienced.

  1. Chairperson (HR) chooses and advises the staff member of their role as ‘expert’ and requests that they think of three job-related interview questions.
  2. Healthcare United is an equal opportunity employer
  3. Interview applicants

Interviews are to be conducted only at head office and all interviews must be conducted by a trained selection panel . Interviews are to be 30 minutes in duration with a five-minute break in between. No more than 12 interviews should be conducted in a day.

Timeframe: scheduled interviews one to two days depending on number of applicants.


  1. Chairperson greets student and makes introductions.
  2. Chairperson opens interview.
  3. HR members of panel ask applicant a series of standard interview questions.
  4. Staff member from job-related department asks three questions.
  5. Chairperson asks applicant if they have any questions.
  6. Chairperson informs the student of the process.
  7. Panel thank student for attending.
  8. Panel complete interview assessment.
  9. Panel select applicant.
  10. Gain approval from senior management – subject to reference check.

Reference check

Reference checks are an important part of the selection process. Healthcare United reference checks must be conducted on both internal and external applicants by the HR department.

Timeframe: one to two days depending on number of applicants.


  1. Phone workplace of applicant and speak to manager/referee.
  2. Introduce self, organisation and purpose of call.
  3. Ask standard questions about applicant’s knowledge and skills.
  4. Ask about applicant’s personality.
  5. Ask manager for their opinion of applicant’s standard of work.
  6. Ask manager if there have been any problems with applicant.
  7. Discuss references with other HR person on interview panel.
  8. selection of staff is subject to reference checks conducted by the manager

Job offer

Job offer needs to be made immediately after Reference check.

Timeframe: one to five days.


  1. HR department organise written contract to be drawn up with terms and conditions.
  2. Administration to post employee contract to applicant.
  3. Upon receipt of signed contract HR post new employee advice about induction program.

Note: special exemptions to internal recruitment must be approved by the general manager

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

HR department will support managers in this role

Timeframe: one to two days depending on number of applicants.


  1. HR department ask administration to schedule 30-minute meeting with each unsuccessful internal applicant.
  2. HR department representative to conduct feedback meetings with unsuccessful internal applicants.
  3. HR department representative to phone unsuccessful external applicants and offer feedback.
  4. HR department to file hard copies of notes about unsuccessful applicants.