Unity Game Engine

Introduction to Unity:

Unity is a game engine which is a cross or multiplatform game engine developed by Unity technology. It comes with built-in IDE and used for developing video games for desktop platform and mobile device. It is a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D game. It is designed to support single-source authoring with multiple platform targeting to simplify cross-platform work. But in reality, there will always be specific tweaks needed for individual platforms. Unity's common toolset support for all platforms simplifies this process greatly.

Feature of unity:

  • Unity Saves time with automatic sprite splicing
  • Iterate on ideas more quickly with 2D animation window
  • New dimension added: Mix 2D and 3D with ease
  • Unity Game Engine generate animations automatically from multiple sprites.
  • The benefit from a fully-integrated dedicated 2D physics system with customizable colliders, rigid bodied and joints.
  • Unity Save on textures with automatic atlas generation (Pro preview)
  • Optimize your fill rate with alpha cut out (Pro only)

Programming code of Unity game engine:

unity programming code

Unity Game Engine in use( screenshot )

unity game engine interface