Stagecast creator

Stagecast creator is a programming language develops to teach the students programming concepts. It is used to create animations and games using modern technology which is suitable for the beginners to learn the programming concepts. It runs under the java and it works on the many platforms. This programming language is basically developed for the kids to teach the programming with less complications of code. It has a graphical appearance for programming and non-graphical properties. Stagecast enables to import the image and can draw own image.

Stagecast creater is easy to use and its features are very simple to use but it have powerful 2D graphics. Teacher can create its animated lectures with sound effects which help students to understand the lesson more quickly and effectively. Stagecast have many tutorials online on the Internet which helps the students to learn the programming concepts. Kids can create their own games, play games and can share their games on the Internet.

Features of stagecast creator:

  • There are plenty of tutorials available on Internet for learning stagecast creator.
  • Interactive tools to create animations draw appearance etc.
  • Simply drag and drop the characters and choose their background
  • Input control is by keyboard and mouse
  • It enables to add sound and text to characters
  • It enables to associate the properties of character to show the characteristics of character
  • Kids can share their games on Internet.

Stagecast creator

stagecast creator