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SGP Baltie is a programming tool which helps the students in learning programming from beginning and it helps the teacher to teach the students more effectively. The tools of SGP Baltie are graded for wide range of learning groups. It provides the both graphical and a text mode for the coding. Beginners can learn from the graphical tools and the expert programmer can write programs in the text mode. Baltie is a educational tool which helps the kids, children's, adult and youth in creating 3D games and learning programming. Baltie teach wit fun and help in exercising the logical thinking. It has a various difficulties level for the students so they can learn according to their requirement of learning.

SGP Baltie is a educational tool which teach the professional programming at the different learning levels. There are three different modes of learning in the baltie :

Building a scene: This mode is for the students of age more than 4 years it helps in learning the basics of the computers and hardware. Children's will learn to save and open files.

Conjuring a scene: This is the second mode in which the students learn to give commands to the computer and learn the basics of the computer programming. Students will give the commands with the mouse clicks and computer gives the answer to the command.

Programming: Students will learn the programming and can create their own program. The programming is a graphical base students need to click on the buttons.

SGP baltie
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