RUR Python learning environment

RUR-Ple stands for the RUR- Python Learning Environment It are used to make programming learning more fun to the students. RUR-Ple makes the programming more interesting and easy for the students with user friendly coding. It's very easy to write a code for the robot which moves in the city which has streets of rectangular shape. RUR-ple uses the full features of python which makes the python learning easy to students. RUR-Ple is used for the educational purpose to introduce the students with programming languages. RUR-Ple has 48 lessons which helps the students to clear the all concepts and basics of programming languages.

RUR-Ple was initially released in December 12, 2004 but its stable release was at December 29, 2009. The environment is fully written in the python language and can run on the cross-platforms. Basically RUR-Ple is developing for the educational purpose and have General public license. This is the best programming environment for the schools of primary and secondary level to introduce students with the programming language.

RUR-Ple Editor

RUR Python