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  • play my code browser game
  • Play my code is used to create browser games. Play my code enables to build, play and distribute the browser games. You can build your game using HTML5 in browser and embed your game anywhere. Play my code provides the integrated development environment which helps to create and debug the games created and allows to distribute the game. The programming language used for creation of game is Quby. Quby is a ruby like language which is work with all modern browsers.

    Play my code provides the comprehensive toolbar which have brushes, shapes, copying and pasting more. It provides full support to audio and sound effects to the games. It provides facility to release the game online. The games also available on the website on which the user plays and makes comments.

    Play my code is a fully cloud-based development. It enables to develop and play your game in browser anywhere. You can online store your code and sound, graphics. It provides the full documentation for the help of the beginners. It provide the high featured code editor which enables to write and upload the code online.

    Features of play the code:

    • Easy to learn
    • Game can be create and publish online within an hour.
    • Have online support forum if you get stuck somewhere you can take help
    • It uses the blogs to keep updating the users

Play My Code Interface.

Play My Code