Kojo programming language

Introduction to Kojo programming language:

Kojo is an open source App that runs on Linux, Windows, and the Mac. Kojo programming language has been developed by Lalit Pant (a computer programmer and teacher living in Dehradun, India). It is a Learning Environment - with many different features that enable play, creation, and learning in the areas of computer programming. Kojo draws ideas from Logo and Processing. It is also an integrated development environment (IDE). Kojo continues to be actively developed.

Feature of Kojo programming language:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Worksheet support in the script editor (for inline viewing of expression results)
  • Program Tracing
  • Searchable script history
  • Object Inspection
  • AST Browsing
  • Saving/Loading of scripts
  • Customizable Classpath - to enable experimentation with any Scala or Java className-library
  • Other bells and whistles

Kojo Programming code:

  Tree sample code in Kojo programming language:
def tree(distance: Double) { if (distance > 4) { val ang = 25 val adel = 20 setPenThickness(distance/7) setPenColor(color(distance.toInt, math.abs(255-distance*3).toInt, 125)) forward(distance) right(ang) tree(distance*0.8-2) left(ang + adel) tree(distance-10) right(adel) back(distance) } } clear() invisible() setAnimationDelay(0) penUp() back(200) penDown() tree(90) `}

Kojo programming Interface

Kojo programming Interface Kojo programming Interface