Kodu Programming language

Introduction to Kodu programming language:

The Kodu language is designed for game development and provides specialized primitives derived from gaming scenarios. Kodu Programs are expressed in physical terms, using concepts like time, vision, and hearing to control character behaviour. Kodu express advanced game design concepts in a simple and intuitive manner. The language is entirely icon-based. Kodu programs are composed of pages, and this pages are broken down into rules, which are divided into actions and conditions. Conditions are evaluated simultaneously.

Features of Kodu programming language:

  • High-level language incorporates real-world primitives: color, vision, collision
  • Uses Xbox 360 Game Controller for input — no keyboard required
  • Runs on XBox 360 and PC
  • Interactive terrain editor
  • Bridge and path builder
  • Terrain editor - create worlds of arbitrary shape and size
  • Twenty different characters with different abilities

Kodu Programming code:

Kodu Programming code

Kodu Programming language environment

kodu programming environment