Illumination Software Creator

Introduction to Illumination Software Creator:

It allows anyone to create their own software applications without writing a single line of 'code'. The idea is simple: Arrange colourful building blocks of functionality however you like to create your own, unique, piece of software. Software developed with Illumination runs on Mac OS X, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Adobe Flash-powered websites. Although it is designed for casual PC users, it requires basic programming knowledge in order to use its full potential. Illumination can save time when you need to create a visual schematic for application.

Features of Illumination Software Creator:

  • It works by arranging the building blocks for describing the functionality of the software.
  • It doesn't require any code for developing software.
  • It supports HTML5 applications and graphics.
  • Illumination Software Creator support for building iOS applications, Custom Blocks and Android applications.

Illumination Programming

Illumination Programming