Hackety Hack

Introduction to Hackety Hack:

Hackety Hack is an open source application that teaches individuals how to create software from the basics level. It combines an Integrated Development Environment with an extensive Lessons system. Hackety Hack comes with a programming starter kit. An editor with helpful coding tools and built-in messaging. Desktop cross-platform application also has integration with the website, where "Hackers" can share what they've learned. Hackety Hack teaches students the basics of programming from the ground level.

Feature of the Hackety Hack:

  • IDE in Hackety Hack comes with extensive Lessons system showing budding programmers how to make all kind of fun things.
  • Hackety Hack teaches programming language such as Ruby.
  • It can be used for making of software including desktop applications and websites.

Hackety Hack Program

hackety hack program