Guido van Robot programming language

Introduction to Guido van Robot programming language:

Guido van Robot (GvR) is an educational tool to help students learn the Python programming language. It uses the idea behind Karel the Robot. It makes the learning of Python programming more interesting. Guido van Robot programming language is a minimalistic programming language providing just enough syntax to help students learn the concepts of conditional branching, looping, sequencing and procedural abstraction. Guido van Robot biggest strength is that it allows learning in an environment that combines the thrill of problem-solving. It is an introductory programming language that is very good for learning the basic concepts of programming.

Features of Guido van Robot programming language:

The Five Primitive Guido van Robot Instructions are:

  • move
  • turnleft
  • pickbeeper
  • putbeeper
  • turnoff

Guido van Robot Programming code

        The following program will make Guido follow the right wall until he encouters a beeper:
    define turnright:
        do 3:
define follow_right_wall:
        if right_is_clear:
        elif front_is_clear:

    while not_next_to_a_beeper:


The program uses:

  • A playfield called �world�, that is created or loaded as a list of locations of objects (walls and �beepers�) and the robot location and the direction it faces when a user program starts.
  • A program, written or loaded by the user in a Python-like language that includes 5 new instruction definition ,instructions, 18 tests, iteration and conditional branching.

Guido Van Robot Program

Guido Van Robot Program