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CoLoBoT (Colonize with Bots)

Introduction to CoLoBoT:

CoLoBoT is the combination of real time game of strategy and an initiation to programming. Colobot is an educational real-time strategy video game featuring 3D graphics. Objective of the game is to find a planet for colonization by the human race by establishing a basic infrastructure on the surface and eliminating any alien life forms endangering the expedition. The game takes place on the Moon, Earth, and 7 fictional planets. CoLoBoT main feature is to makes it educational, the ability of the player to program his or her robots using a programming language similar to C++ or Java.

CoLoBoT Programming code:

        extern void object::FetchTitanium()
	object item; // declare variable

 	item = radar(TitaniumOre); // find a piece of titanium ore
	goto(item.position); // go to the ore
	grab(); // pick up whatever is in front of the robot (presumably the ore)

 	item = radar(Converter); // find the ore converter
	goto(item.position); // relocate to the converter
	drop(); // drop the piece of ore
	move(-2.5); // back up 2.5 meters to allow the converter to start processing the ore

Features of CoLoBoT:

The following techniques are featured:

  • Dynamic lighting.
  • Shadows for all items (vehicles, buildings, objects, etc.)
  • Multi-texturing. One channel is used permanently to represent different types of dust on the vehicles.
  • Variable fog generator depends on planet

CoLoBoT Program

CoLoBoT Program
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