KTurtle programming environment

Introduction to KTurtle programming environment:

KTurtle programming language is an educational programming environment that uses TurtleScript. It is a programming language is inspired by Logo programming language. The goal of KTurtle is to make programming as easy as possible. KTurtle is suitable for teaching kids the basics of math, programming and geometry. The main features of TurtleScript is the ability to translate the commands into the speaking language of the programmer.

KTurtle is named after {"the turtle"} that plays a central role in the programming environment. Programmer usually instruct the turtle to make a drawing on the canvas by using the TurtleScript commands.

Features of Kturtle:

  • KTurtle is integrated environment with TurtleScript interpreter, editor, canvas and other tools.
  • KTurtle has ability to translate the TurtleScript commands using the translation framework of KDE.
  • TurtleScript supports user dynamic type switching, recursion and defined functions.
  • Execution of KTurtle can be slowed down, paused or stopped at any time.
  • The canvas can be saved either as an image (PNG) or a drawing.
  • Context help: help where you need it. Just press F2 to get help on the piece of code currently under your cursor.
  • Simplified programming terminology.

Programming in KTurtle:

Programming in KTurtle Kturtle tree

KTurtle programming environment

KTurtle programming