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Development of Free Hand Sketching Skills and Techniques

A freehand sketch is a drawing made without the use of drawing instruments. It is not drawn to scale, but should be in good proportion as accurately as possible by eye judgment. It does not mean that it is a crude and inaccurate drawing without care for the rules of projection. In fact in a freehand sketch, all the rules of the graphic language are as rigidly observed as in a scale drawing. Hence, a fair knowledge of theory of orthographic projection, sections etc., is a pre requisite for a good freehand sketch.

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The importance of freehand sketching is often underestimated. For a confident career in architecture or engineering, a young student should have a good understanding of the principles of sketching and also have a good hand at it.

TECHNIQUE OF SKETCHING: The pencil is held with freedom, not close to the point; say about 30mm from the tip. The pencil point need not be as sharp as for an instrument drawing.