Factors That Continue to Impact Community and Public Health


Community and public health are very fundamental aspects in our lives as human beings. Health of people has an impact on all aspects of our social life, economic aspect, polictical aspect and even state of happiness. Health has been impacted by a wider range of factors, which include; behaviour of people, environmental factors, social and cultural factors and community organization among others.

Global health concern

The biggest global health concern in the world today is Corona virus. The COVID 19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of people all over the world. The pandemic has led to loss of human life. This pandemic has ndeed brought unprecedented challenge to the public health systems of many countries. It has also negatively affected food systems and the world of work as many l have lost their livelihoods. COVID 19 has bought a devastating economic and social disruption globally. Closing of borders between countries, contained measures and other restrictions imposed by various countries as measures to curb down the disease has impacted negatively the agricultural sector and at large the overall economic systems of countries.

Surveillance data pulled from electronic health record

An electronic health record system contains data that can be used for surveillance purposes. Surveillance data obtained from an electronic health record system include immunization registries, demographics, diagnoses, medications, procedures, laboratory results, vital signs, and patient registries with patient clinical information. Immunization registries are databases which record information of children in a defined population who have been immunized against various diseases like polio. Demographics contain information of about on their name, age, gender and ethnicity. These data is useful in surveillance and mapping out areas, which require health interventions. Nurses capture medication data inorder to monitor treatment effect or safety. We record procedures performed on patients such surgery, laboratory tests carried, radiology and pathology. All other data for surveillance such as diagnoses, laboratory results, vital signs and patient registries are equally vital in our profession as nurses.

Health tweet and its impact on the future collaborative community health

The American Public Health Association twitted on 23rd June 2021 “Donate today to the APHA General Fund to support our efforts to promote science-based information, champion COVID-19 vaccinations, speak out for racial equity and promote a strong publi health infrastructure” (APHA, 2021). The success of community health interventions will depend on the extent of collaboration by various stakeholders. This will inculcate in people the character of contributing towards any health pandemic that may arise in the future. The spirit of collaboration will go a long way to ensuring that the public and community health systems are resourced properly to meet its main objective.

A tweet in the next decade that relate to achievement in the public health

Cancer has been a menace in the whole world killing millions of people for many years now. Over the past century, the health systems only offered palliative care for patients with cancer in advanced stages. Those who were lucky to be diagnosed early enough by oncologists were subjected to painful radiotherapy procedures, which reduced our dignity as human beings. Today wer are happy to launch a drug that will cure cancer. A research that was carried for more than ten years now by the Center for Disease Control and Surveillance with collaborations from health research instutes from all over the world has resulted to the development of this drug that we have called “ancerTherapy Drug”. This drug has undergone through all stages of drug development process. Clinical trials were carried out for a period of two years. Ten countries were picked from every continent for clinical trials. The results of the clinical trials had shown a ninety three percent drug efficacy and hence fit for roll out for use by the population. Post market safety monitoring was carried out extensively and the drug has been proofed not have mild effects on the users. The drug will be distributed to all countries with immediate effect. The cost of the drug will be affordable and all governments are encouraged to assist their citizens assess the drug through cost sharing arrangement. The World Health Organization wishes to thank every person, organization and governments that made their contribution towards the research and manufacture of this drug. We want to encourage our people to get diagnosied all the time and seek medication if they are diagnosied with cancer. The drug is safe.


Community health and public health are very central to all the aspects in our economy. The world is faced by many global health concerns in the 21st century. The most recent global health concern is COVID-19 which has caused mayhem all over the world. Collaborations as illustrated above are fundamental in addressing all global health concerns. We look into the future when we will have made achievements and milestones in the public health and community health systems.


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The American Public Health Association, APHA @Publichealth will celebrate National Public Health Week April 5-11,2021. https://twitter.com/NPHW/status/1407775468829523973