Extreme programming Assignment Help

A software development methodology designed to improve the quality of the software is known as Extreme programming. The best thing about extreme programming that it has the ability to properly adapt to the changing needs of the customer and clients. Extreme programming has been popular for years because it works in an effective way to manage the company payroll. The extreme programming work in a similar way as the agile method works.

As you may know that extreme programming mostly depends on customer requirements, which changes on a regular basis. In doing the programming Assignment Help, the students do not get much exposure to the customers due to which the students face many problems while doing their assignments.

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Extreme programming Assignment Help By Online Tutoring and Guide Sessions at AssignmentHelp.Net

Extreme programming Assignment Help

Extreme Programming Practices

Extreme programming consists of popular and effective practices. Assignmenthelp.net includes such popular practices as it works in the best possible way while doing extreme programming Assignment Help. Some of the popular and effective extreme programming practices are mentioned below:

  1. Pair programming

The pair programming is widely used in most of the industries and academic. The pair programming is popular because at the time the pair programming is typed many mistakes are detected at the particular moment. The best thing about pair programming is that it helps in solving the problems fasters.

  1. Test-driven design and development

The other most essential and effective extreme programming practice is Test-driven design and development. In this, extreme programming is obsessed with feedback, and it works in very short cycles of adding a test. Test-driven design and development is enough for testing the extreme programming correctly.

  1. Refactoring

In extreme programming, you will be able to find the effective practice that is Refactoring. It is the popular practices that work very well in all the extreme programming project. The best thing about Refactoring practice is that it makes your initial goal simpler. It is an important and essential practice because, with Refactoring, you may ruin the entire structure of your product. Your product must be fully Refactored to get the best result of extreme programming.

  1. Frequent releases

The extreme programming is a complex process as it depends on the customer needs, which frequently. Hence here the frequent release practice works in the best possible way. The frequent release is essential if you need to release interactive versions of the system to the customer at a frequent interval. It helps in releasing the miniature version of your product to the public over a short time interval.

  1. Sustainable pace

One of the effective extreme programming practices is the Sustainable pace. This Sustainable pace practice includes the approach of measuring employees output. The best thing about the Sustainable pace is that it has the capacity of producing quality work within a time constraint like for a week. It ensures consistent software development at a sustainable rate for an extended period of time.

  1. Customer representative always available

In extreme programming, it is important to have customer available as it depends on the customer needs. Extreme programming includes different phases, and each phase requires having communication with customers. The Customer representative always available practice is the best practice to assign one or more customer to the development team.

  1. Technical reviews

The technical reviews also an important and essential extreme programming practice that is used in most industries and the academic. The technical reviews allow for automated unit and functional test.

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