Exertion and Pacing Assignment

Personal Fitness | Lesson 2.1 Exertion and Pacing Assignment

Now, it's your turn to demonstrate your ability to find your heart rate as well as define and apply Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and pacing.

In this workout activity, you are going to put your knowledge to the test by creating a 2-part video.

Instructions: In the first part of the video, you will take your pulse, apply the formula to find your resting heart rate and vocalize your number. Remember you can check your heart rate on your neck or your wrist.

Next, in part 2 of the video, you will choose an exercise or physical activity that you enjoy and record yourself (or have someone else record you) performing this activity. Remember, you should perform this activity for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes.

Then, after you've completed the activity and recording, you'll find your HR again as well as your Rate of Perceived Exertion and use the data you've collected to answer the questions.

When you finish, submit your video and your completed worksheet in your Assignment.

  1. What exercise or other physical activity did you choose to record and why? (1 point)

    I recorded during pushups and situps.

  2. What was your resting heart rate prior to completing the activity? (1 point)

    My heart rate was 42 beats per minute

  3. How did you calculate your resting heart rate? Show your calculation and answer here. (3 points)

    7 beats for 10 seconds. 7*6 =42, 10seconds *6 = 1 minute. 42 beats per minute

  4. How long did you perform your chosen exercise or activity? (1 point)

    5 minutes

  5. What was your resting heart rate after you completed your exercise or activity? (1 point)


  6. In your own words, how would you define Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)? (2 points)

    The rate of perceived exertion is the amount of exercise your body is undergoing. It measures how hard a body is working on the actions being done

  7. What do you believe your RPE was while you were performing your exercise or activity? Why do you think so? Be specific. (3 points)

    I think this exercise would be around a two. This is because when I exert my maximum effort, my heart rate will go to around 180 to 190. The heart rate of about 108 is about 56% of my maximum. I raised it up a bit higher because I tapered off a bit at the end which may have lowered my heart rate. This could have made it so the RPE was higher than what the heart rate suggests.

  8. Given your RPE during this activity, do you think your pacing during the activity was on target? If your performed the activity again, would you work harder or longer? Would you decrease your level of exertion or time? Explain your answer, and be specific. (3 points)

    I think my pacing was a little off target. I would increase the time and decrease the initial exertion but increase the later portion’s exertion. I felt that towards the beginning I worked much harder. This made it so that the beginning I felt my RPE was closer to a 6 or 7. Then as I began to become weaker, my exertion did as well. This made this not a true workout. I feel that if it was more cardio based, the workout would be much better suited for a true exertion and I could work out for a longer time.