ETHC 445 reflective assessment

This was a great class it brought up some major issues we have in life and brought to my attention how much of ethics we live and breath without knowing where it comes from, most actions and decisions we make has a insight of ethics we just don’t realize because its like a second nature thing to most of us.

We are ethics whether we realize or whether we make the right decision or the wrong we live through ethics each one of us some chose to ignore ethics or to do the wrong thing knowing what is right, but essentially as human beings we are ethics.

This class illustrated The Ethics of Right versus Right, we get to points in life were the dilemma is to choose in-between two right decisions which doesn’t seem like such a bad situation considering that isn’t a wrong choice but in depth it is, because every choice we make in life has a consequence.

  • The discussions and being exposed to theories such as Ethics and Aristotle,Human Nature in Ancient & Medieval Ethics, Living Ethically through a Social Contract, Kant's Ethics and Our Duty, Utilitarian Ethics and Law, Applying Rand's Objectivism, Kant and the Categorical Imperative, The Social Contract, The Death Penalty,Good vs. Evil etc
  • Everything we went trough during the class were either already lived or things I was familiar without even really being aware.

Also I think the class exposed, not just me but my peers to real life dilemmas such as working in group and having to deal with different people, personalities colliding , being politically correct, being selfish or allowing others to make a full of you… it was definitely a very interesting situation for me.

The dilemma

It also seemed that life decided to put me through a real ethics dilemma, Starting a new career path going through a divorce and still having to concentrate at work and my Son. Since I tend to be very proud of everything I do and I always strive to be the best in everything it was tough to make the decision of neglecting some of my school work coming in the end of the class, but at this time in life I had to use the utilitarianism line of though and choose which area of my life could be hurt without bring me too many bad consequences, I couldn’t handle all the new work and the life changes with my divorce and being a mom and a student from all of those the one thing I could choose to neglect was my school work. It really doesn’t make me feel any better but I just couldn’t juggle it all.