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Essays about love

Love and Emotions

Everyone belongs to different backgrounds. Many of them develop their personalities and thought processes in an encouraging and loving family whereas some didn't. Every one of us has a different type of relationship in our lives which has left us feeling hurt ultimately. People do not have outside control or circumstances. It feels difficult when a person is deeply hurt to love. If a person does not end up in any relationship as a whole, they end up raising questions about everything. Love is offered to make it a strength which in different conditions becomes the weakness. People many times discuss love, but many of us do not know the true essence of love. Various doubts and misconceptions arise regarding the efficacy of love which holds back to generate love-related feelings towards others. Possession is something that people majorly look for in the name of love but we can't bind and capture anyone in the name of love. We cannot acquire and preserve someone's wishes and life. Making the other person happy no matter what and giving your presence when the opponent needs you is what love consists of. Expectations that are expected from others provide the biggest fallacy in love. People usually blame the other person for not giving love back.

Love is said to be a feeling of happiness, positivity, healthy life, positive mental health, and full of good emotions. True love keeps everyone in a good sense and develops positive emotions in the person. The physical relation consisting of true feelings gives you the utmost happiness whereas if the feelings are fake and physical intimacy is carried out this is not loved rather is it called lust. The majority of the present generation thinks to constantly show off of concern without any reason for everything is love rather it becomes toxic at some point of time when it is overdone and results in the ending of a relationship. There is no specific way of loving someone neither getting love back. Love is making an individual self-capable via appropriate changes in the behaviors and habits of others. People fail in conceiving love as a part of good essence in their life. The benefit of loving someone appeals to our heart and builds up a connection with the other person.

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Emotions are the essential part of our life that depicts our mood, awareness, intelligence, and social skills. Every emotion serves a different function, and specific action is required in support of every emotion. When a person is emotionally healthy, it arises only with the need or changes with the environment. And when love is healthy, it does not change with the environment or anything. Love is not a control or authority over another person. People generally consider love as an authority and reserved and expect others to love their life on their behalf of thinking and thought process. The feeling of authority is the reason for unhappiness in relationships. Nothing should be exceeded as it is easy to blame that another person does not give love, but it has also been seen that the generous amount of love and feeling cannot generate the same feeling in another person. It is all a matter of the inner self and the thought process to feel and understand the emotions of another person. Love is a feeling of being attracted towards someone or someone with whom you can vibe and share your emotion without any hesitation. love keeps you in a good spirit and enhances your mood when you tend to spend time with your love or the activity you love doing. Generally, people tend to fail to understand the concept of love and get confused with the physical attraction as love. There are different forms of love such as Attraction, infatuation, friendly likeness but not love. When in love, people take care of the feeling of the other person and be cheerful and help them in their thick in thin. All these activities indicate love .one of the major benefits of love that it helps you to acquire stability and security and you have anyone to support you all the time.

The Expression of Love

The separation that is made by the man has become a good cause of trouble in adoring someone else. Individuals thought that it was hard to adore the individual having a place with various religions, societies, or public limits. Every one of these variables is liable for making alarm and disdain inside one another. We know love and common inclination do not fall off effectively and when it comes, we get confounded between the religions and different components. The idea of affectability emerges with our disposition and how we correspondence and present our sentiments before the other individual. The inclination may get vanished if we will not carry on pleasantly.

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People cannot often express and lacks sensitivity. They have also feared the fact that such a sensitive topic might not take another direction. Love is another form of communication where the two can understand each other and be their well-wisher in success and happiness. The concept of sensitivity arises with our attitude and how we communication and present our feelings in front of the other person. The feeling might get disappeared if we will not behave nicely. There will be a few an occasion where we are required to understand our feelings. therefore, it is necessary to build a mutual understanding so that sensitive topics like love can be discussed.


We all know love and mutual feeling do not come off easily and when it comes, we get complicated between the religions and other factors mentioned above. The present environment allows you to love within the condition. There are no traces left where we can see the preachment of genuine love and brotherhood. We have been raised to love the other person with the condition but on the contrary, we are also aware of the fact that the other person deserves love from us. It is noticed that even our heart tends to fall for another person, but we found ourselves within limits and fail to preach universal love. It is the human tendency to expect the same when love is being offered. But it is hard to return if we are bound within the limitation and if we can return the love then it depicts the satisfaction with what we have possessed. Love revolves around care, anger, patience, and tolerance. And people are often busy with materialistic success, but it is also necessary to show your love and compassion for another person and ignore the egoist nature and selfishness to get success in love.