English Composition ENGL201

English Composition (ENGL201)

APA Research Paper Outline

  1. Introduction:
  2. Thesis:
  3. Main section #1:
  4. Introductory Sentence/Topic Sentence:
  5. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  6. Statistic/Direct Quotation/Paraphrase/Summary of a supporting author’s words:
  7. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  8. Statistic/Direct Quote/Paraphrase/Summary:
  9. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  10. Main section #2:

a.Topic Sentence:

  1. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  2. Statistic/Direct Quote/Paraphrase/Summary:
  3. Connecting Sentence/Transitional Sentence:
  4. Statistic/Direct Quote/Paraphrase/Summary:
  5. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  6. Main section #3:
  7. Topic Sentence:
  8. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  9. Statistic/Direct Quote/Paraphrase/Summary:
  10. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  11. Statistic/Direct Quote/Paraphrase/Summary:
  12. Connecting/Transitional Sentence:
  13. Conclusion:

Students: Here is a pre-made template for your APA Outline Writing Assignment. Please refer to the provided example to see what goals to strive for with this assignment. Make sure to include as much as possible.

Please note: The above sub-sections should be LEFT IN BOLD! Do NOT unbold them, as it makes this assignment very difficult to grade and points WILL be deducted.

In addition, the words that YOU write after should be written in plain text, IE, not in BOLD. AGAIN: Please refer to the example given in class so that you know EXACTLY what is expected of you. This is a tough assignment, but if you really put your heart into it, the rest of the writing process for the APA paper will be much easier.