ENGL 1127 Sample Research paper Outline Assignment

You are going to write a research paper about one of the short stories we've read. Your research will incorporate analysis of the story's historical/social context, as well as (perhaps) the writer's historical/social context.See the essay on "The Five-Forty eight" in Headrick's text for an example of this type of research paper.

Your essay should represent a logical argument that identifies one of the story's themes. It must follow the structure described in Method pp. 44-47.

You must meet with me to discuss your thesis and your argument at least three weeks before the essay is due.

You may not use Wikipedia as a source, as it is not an academic source. Use your Library Research skills you have developed; use proper academic sources. See Method pp. 63-77.

The Process

  1. Choose your text and read it again considering possible research topics centered on a historical context theme.
  2. Brainstorm topic
  3. Produce an outline that will include a tentative research plan and bibliography with three potential sources and as many details as possible in the planning.
  4. Produce a rough draft
ENGL 1127 Sample Research paper Outline Assignment

The Final Essay General Guidelines

  • 800 words maximum
  • 5 or more sources
  • Edited following MLA format
  • Complete Works Cited
  • The research essay is the major component of this Assignment as it develops all critical skills:
    1. Choosing a topic
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Narrowing a topic
    4. Developing a thesis
    5. Researching
    6. Organising
    7. Writing and revising

Working Title:-----------------------------------

1. General Topic: What is the general topic/idea that you will be exploring in your research paper?-----------------------

2. Working Thesis:-----------------------

3. Research: Record two proper examples of research you have already done: include the sources and the information you took from them. Explain what further research you will do.-------------------

4. Write about the Author:---------------

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