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Email marketing is very effective and helpful for any business if the right strategy is implemented. Some e-mail marketing tips can help businesses to boost their sales and increase their presence among customers.

Email is one of the most effective and successful medium online for the purpose of marketing. It yields better results than social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The organizations are able to get good Return on Investment if they choose email marketing. It is the most reliable way to increase and expand the business. It is applicable to every type of industry and helps in providing personalized information to the customers and potential customers.

Moreover, accurate steps are needed to be taken by the organization to achieve its goals. To stand out from the competitors, it is necessary to customize email marketing in a way that it produces higher revenues.

Given below are some email marketing tips that the organizations can use to benefit themselves.

  1. Identifying and Understanding the Potential Audience

This is the most crucial step that is required to be taken while choosing email marketing. It acts as a base for the entire process. The emails that the organization sends to the customers should be according to their interests. If the email does not provide relevant information it will be ignored by the customers. To avoid this, it is necessary to identify the target audience.

Sending the same email to every customer is not advisable as each and every customer is different and their interests differ. Emails should be sent keeping in mind the receiver’s expectations and needs, else it will be in vain. Hence, targeted approach is significant to email marketing.

To make the email content relevant segmentation is crucial. Segmentation refers to dividing the email recipient list into subgroups so that specific messages can be sent to specific people.

Segmentation can be on the basis of age, gender, physical location, buyer personas, etc., it helps in sending messages that are relevant to the recipient.

Some advantages that the organization can experience by using email list segmentation are :

  • Increased open rates
  • Greater email relevance
  • Lower unsubscribe rates
  • Better deliverability
  • High revenue
  • High customer retention
  • Increased number of transactions
  • Lower spam complaint
  • Improved Word-of-mouth

There are other ways to segment the list and increase revenues. They are :

  • Survey results
  • Sending frequency
  • Purchase cycle
  • Past Purchases
  • Email activity

Email marketing is not a complex thing. It just needs proper delivery of information to the subscribers depending upon their interest levels. This helps them to attain information that they require to initiate the purchase.

  1. Regularly and Consistently Sending Messages

No organization wants to come in the Spam category of the inbox. But if the emails are sent to the subscribers only then the spamming can be avoided. Hence, to subscribed customers, emails should be sent on a regular basis. This will not only update the customers about new products and their uses but will also help in increasing sales and generating leads.

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Almost everyone checks their emails once in a day. Therefore, it is an effective way to send emails regularly. This will bend the customers' interest in the organization. Spamming refers to sending emails to people who have not linked to the organization anyhow and who have not given any permission to the organization to send such messages. When the subscribers are emailed then it is not spamming. When the organization sends the emails to the subscribers, it helps the potential customers in deciding if they want to make a purchase or not and also as the subscribers have given the organizations the permission to send messages, the organization can send emails on weekly or daily basis.

  1. Short Emails Should Be Designed

It is important to grab the attention of the reader while he/ she is reading the mail. The content of the email should be precise and clear and to the point so that the customers read the message and act accordingly.

Keeping the email short and simple helps in attracting more customers from the campaign. The major information that the organization has to deliver is to aware the people about the product or services they are offering. The email should be about offering and not commanding them to make a purchase. The offer should interest the customers so that they are attracted towards it. It will be easy for the customers to take actions quickly if the emails are short and to the point.

It should also be kept in mind that people nowadays operate their email ids from their mobile phones. Hence the emails that the organization sends are read by most of the people on their mobiles and not on desktop. People nowadays do not have a lot of time to read lengthy messages. That is why the emails should be as short as possible and should possess all the important information. Given below are some measures that the organizations can take to keep the emails short and precise :

  • Avoid providing inappropriate information and only convey as much information is required.
  • Using bullet points in the emails helps to break the content and makes it look more presentable.
  • One major call to action is advised over having multiple trivial calls to action in the email.
  • Brevity approach should be adopted and the message should be as precise as possible. If the message can be conveyed in a few lines, do not try to make a paragraph on the same.
  1. Personalized Emails

Email marketing is a great tool when it comes to personalizing the experience for the customers depending upon their individual preferences and needs. By fully exploiting the feature of customizing the emails, organizations can make potential customers or existing customers feel special and exclusive. This ultimately helps in raising the sales of the products and services. The emails with personalized content are appreciated by the recipients and they are more likely to take action instantly.

For instance, using the name of the recipient to address the message will make it personal and the recipient is most probably going to open it. There may be some questions that the organization can include in the email to extract some information from the customers and to increase their curiosity.

The organization may also provide the recipient with some information about itself for establishing trust and loyalty. Any creativity can be incorporated until it addresses the purpose. The extent of adding personal elements in the emails by the organization decides the number of conversions that takes place.

  1. Subject Line is Significant

The subject line is significant as it is the first line that the recipient judges the email with. It is the main, opening line of the email. It should be transparent and should not be tricky or absurd. It should be clear, addressing the content of the mail and straightforward. As the purpose of the email is not just to provide the target audience with the information but to build a relationship so that the recipients are attracted towards the organization and can trust it.

The rate of the opening of the email depends solely on the subject line. If the email is ignored by the recipient, then it will not matter if the content is interesting or not. Hence, the subject line is important and should be focused on.

While curating the subject line, there are some things that the organization should keep in mind :

  • The emotional connection should be established so that the recipients enjoy reading the emails. The subject line should be natural to ensure the customers that they are connecting to a human and not a robot.
  • The subject line should be precise and to the point. Lengthy subject lines may miscommunicate things and make the efforts futile. The perfect length of a subject is six to ten words. Shorter or longer subject lines are either ignored by the customers or are not considered appropriate.
  • If the brand strategy of the organization allows adding humor then it should be definitely added in the subject line. Emails with some humor are always preferred. But it should be within limits and should not be a hindrance to professionalism.
  • If the subject line involves a question or element of curiosity, there are higher chances that the recipient will read the message. Questions can be incorporated in the subject line until it confuses the customers.

Personalization can be achieved in several other ways. Some of the ways are mentioned below :

  • Having a little chit chat with the subscriber may help in going a step further in personalizing the experience of the customer. It can be asked if he/ she has any nickname so that the emails can be addressed to the person using their nicknames.
  • The names should not be misspelled as it may create a negative impact on the customers. The initials should also be carefully mentioned. Any changes in the name are not liked by anyone.
  • The name should be used maximum for two times in an email. Repeating the name may look irrelevant and inappropriate. Do not try to overdo anything.

One of the primary reasons for emails going into trash folder is that they are not personalized. So it is crucial to give special attention to the subject line, as it will directly affect the sales.

  1. Emails should be Split Tested

The A/ B split testing is an important technique that can be used for testing the emails. It helps in eliminating guesswork from email marketing and provides a structure of changes that are required to be made. It is a method that helps in splitting the email audience into several segments or groups to find out which email part gives the best outputs in terms of conversions. The entire can be brought to perfect by testing out different versions of the emails so that best results can be achieved.

The major benefits of split testing the email marketing campaign are as follows :

  • When the right subject line is designed, the rate of opening the email increases.
  • When the email is tested and changed, the click-through rate rises.
  • It provides a better knowledge of what customers desire.

Now it is crucial to know the elements that can be tested while optimizing the email marketing campaign. Anything that can be split tested on a landing page can also be tested with the email. For instance, the call to action can be checked so that the response with each version can be tested and checked.

Moreover, there are some elements that are compulsory to be checked. This includes the subject line, day of the week and the time when the mail is sent. The organization may also try addressing the name of the receiver and see if it makes any difference or not.

  1. Dedicated Landing Page for Campaign is Prerequisite

This is an indirect email marketing tip that is crucial for the success of the campaign. A/ B testing is crucial to measure the success of email marketing and to increase the generation of sales. Guesswork will not work here and will not yield the desired results.

Moreover, the split testing of the organization should not end on emails alone. The importance should be equally given to the step that involves when the call to action is performed by the customers. The page to which email directs is of equal weightage for the success of the campaign. This page is known as the landing page.

The pages that the subscribers generally click can be the homepage, product page or a particular landing page. It is crucial to make a dedicated landing page and direct the email traffic there so that higher conversions and best return on investment can be achieved. A dedicated landing page is very effective if developed properly and is relevant.

There are some elements that are necessary for a landing page. They are as follows :

  • A good and attractive headline that will attract visitors to continue reading.
  • A sub-heading that relates to the heading and further provides some information.
  • A video or image that expresses the purpose of the landing page in the minimum time period.
  • Social proofs like testimonials of the clients, customer logos, etc.
  • A call to action must be present so that the subscribers can be converted into customers.

It should be monitored that the message provided in the email is in coordination with that presented on the landing page. Or else the efforts will go in vain. The offer mentioned on the page should be in accordance with what is offered in the mail and should be relevant. Do not mix a particular offer with other offers. There should be no or limited navigation on the landing page so that the subscribers can concentrate on the offer provided which will eventually help the organization. There are various online designing services that are provided, one of them is LYFE Marketing that helps in creating a landing page. 

  1. White Space should be used

The customers and subscribers are busy people. Though they check the mail and open it, the organization is not the sole email sender to the customers. Subscribers that open the mail of the company and give attention to it are the people who are interested in the offer that the organization provides. The attention can be utilized by the organization by making the emails scannable. 

There is a need for a lot of white spaces within the structure of the email. In simple words, the paragraphs should be short, subheadings should be used, along with the bullet points wherever it is needed. Also, important facts should be incorporated. This helps in gaining the attention of the subscribers to the offers and raises the chances of generating sales.

At times there is a necessity to send long messages or articles. In that situation, it should be mentioned in the subject line and a link to “read more” should be provided. This will direct the interested subscribers to the website for the complete information. As compared to paragraph blocks, scannable content is read more. This helps in improving the experience of readers indirectly and hence, leads to the generation of sales in the long run.

  1. Construct Valuable Emails

If the email is not informative then it will be of no use. This will significantly affect the rate of opening of the email. Any information that is mentioned in the email should be considered valuable. It should also be consistent in terms of delivering valuable content as it will encourage subscribers to open the mail simultaneously. This will also reduce the rate of unsubscribes.

If only the organization is able to understand the significance of the value of the content curated, the emails sent can be expected to yield good sales and opening rate. There will be only a few prospects that will move forward and initiate a purchase after they go through the email sent. Therefore, it is crucial to have a correct balance of quality content, offers provided and promotions. A right balance of all the mentioned elements will help the organization to achieve its goal as it will result in increased sales and will continue to have great results in the long run as well.

If the prospects specifically request to acquire knowledge about a certain product or service, they should be addressed by providing a call to action that involves buying and helps them make the decision. In this situation, the promotional content is of great use. Eventually, the content the subscribers look for decides the kind f value that is delivered by the organization. This gives the idea that the organization should be well aware of the likes and dislikes of the subscribers so that content can be curated accordingly.

The end line is that the organization should never compromise on the value when considering email marketing. This is the most significant way to build the trust of the email list of the organization. And trust is the foremost thing that is needed for the conversion of the subscribers into customers. 

  1. Successful Emails should be repeated

When an email marketing campaign turns out to be a great success. There are possibilities that the success can be repeated with other new subscribes and the ones who did not make a purchase earlier. This not only helps the organization to boost the sales by generating more leads but also provides them with information that can be used for a better understanding of the prospects.

Additionally, the email marketing program can be used for sending the emails again to the subscribers who did not make any purchase or did not open the email earlier. A little twisting of the emails is also advisable when sending them to the people who did not initiate a purchase. To change and test various elements of the emails like a call to action, opening rate, etc., it is a great opportunity for the organization. The viewpoint is to attain the most from the campaigns that are tested successfully before. 

The email marketing tips that are provided above are simple yet very effective if implemented properly by the organization. To improve email marketing step by step approach should be taken into practice. The results will be visible eventually and not quickly, so patience is required. Only if the details are taken care of while implementing and planning email marketing, positive results can be attained. The results will be attained in the long run and will benefit the organization for a long time period if proper implementation takes place. Also, monitoring the strategies applied is necessary so that improvisations can be made for effective results.