Effective Marketing Practices For a Pichulik Women Clothing Sample Assignment

Marketing research proposal


Marketing is critical to all organizations whether profit making or non-profit making Organizations. The fashion industry deals more on the creativity bit thus always get around to innovation of products. In addition, the industry is exposed to high market uncertainty, related to both the rapidly changing consumer needs and a high level of interdependence with competitors (Eben, 2020:10-13). An effective promotion can make a great and durable effect on the minds of the customers as well. Firms would have to make new and great fashion clothes for the young generation in order to get extra attraction from the youth. There is a great way of promotional strategy is to enhance customer connection through social websites as well. Strong presence over social media highlighted the feedback of potential customer to improve the products. Besides, continuity in differentiation and creativity in fashionable and stylish clothing accessories and footwear is the dominating role in the current marketing strategy. The River Island offers customized option to their customers to design their fashion items through in-store or either online services. Thus advertising is the leading role in the current marketing strategy of River Island through TV commercials, brochures, billboards and promotional offerings in store or either online highlighted the marketing efforts to get the exposure of customers.


The market research project, entitled “Effective Marketing Practices for a Pichulik Women Clothing” is specifically associated with the marketing research regarding Pichulik brand. There are various marketing practices executed by Pichulik reach a wide range of market in a good manner. Personal selling, advertising, sales promotions, public relations and direct marketing are the major elements of marketing practices adopted by the brand. Various types of promotionaltools have been utilized by Pichulik in its marketing approach. According to Sari and Octavia (2018:12) evelopment of new joint online advertisement programs across South Africa enhances the credibility of brand awareness in the entire market. Strong presence over social media highlights the feedback of potential customers to improve the products. Effective utilization of social media strategy with a number of sales promotion offerings by discounts and membership offerings reveals the promotional strategy of Pichulik. In addition, other promotional tools are also utilized by Pichulik like newsletter, Pichulik apps, and celebrity endorsement ensures the promotional efforts of the brand management. Seasonal discounts, as well as special discounts for university students, recognized as sales promotion strategy of the Pichulik. Marketing mix analysis highlights the strategic management of marketing of Pichulik brand. In last, recommendations are provided for the improvement in the strategic decision of brand (Sari and Octavia, 2018).

It is the fact that Pichulik has been producing great and adorable fashion products for South Africa for almost 7 years. In addition, it is the world of competition and it is very necessary for all the companies to promote their products. An effective promotion can make a great and durable effect on the minds of the customers as well. The Pichulik would have to make new and great fashion clothes for the young generation in order to get extra attraction from the youth. Secondly, there is a great way of promotional strategy is to enhance customer connection through social websites as well. Strong presence over social media highlighted the feedback of potential customer to improve the products and services. Thus, this marketing research will provide insights onto the effective marketing practices adopted by the company.


The firm’s superior products, such as casual clothing comprising fashionable colors with logos and slogans show the interests of prospective clients across South Africa. Pichulik may raise its sales and distribution in the next 4 years through delivering new clothing products aimed at drawing new buyers. Therefore, this marketing research will be guided by the following objectives:

  1. To align products with customer needs
  2. To invest in promotional practices, improve customer experience
  3. To manage inventory well to keep good margins
  4. To monitor and improve margins


It is mandatory to analyze the market in order to get the complete understanding of plans and tasks for an organization. One can understand a fashion industry has its own attraction for the people in the new and modern world. Most of the time, people run to the new products at the stores or go for online sales. The Pichulik is a popular brand in South Africa and working in that country and industry of fashion for the last 7 years. Market analysis is consisting of market size and market potential or market trends. The market size for this brand is enormous. The management would be looking forward to filling space in empty areas. It is now working around the globe and quite active in South Africa as well. It is very necessary for this brand to follow the market trends in the Asian region and in other markets. They should come up with more ideas and new strategies to capture the regions. This brand focuses on the latest trends and customer behaviors in different regions and make the market strategies according to their demands. Anyhow, there is a great market for this brand and one can imagine with effective marketing strategies, they can grow more in international markets. The online channel is increasing towards valuable international consumers in to buy from outside. According to Rezvani, Ghahramani and Haddadi (2017:32-37), marketing strategies play a leading part in the growth of enterprises mainly due to the fact that a marketing strategy aids in identifying customers who the business can competitively serve, and tailoring product offerings, prices, distribution, promotional efforts, and services towards those customers (Rezvani, Ghahramani and Haddadi, 2017). In addition, a sound strategy enables an enterprise to develop long range plans which ensure survival, profitability, growth, and perpetuity. Besides, Cirella (2016;331-343), revealed that the fashion industry deals more on the creativity bit thus always get around to innovation of products. In addition, the industry is exposed to high market uncertainty, related to both the rapidly changing consumer needs and a high level of interdependence with competitors. The presence of online order creates convinces for the customer to order products online efficient and effective manner. Continuous expansion in markets with more than 75 stores of the firm reveals strong presence in physical presence. Advertising programs and global supply chain network heightens the strong presence of River Island in store presence

Customers are currently encountered with several opportunities to decide on. Many competitors produce similar services and products, therefore; there is a necessity for producers to show up and enable their produces to be noticeable in the midst of those of their opponents. Manufacturers have to offer a remarkable capability whenever clients cooperate with their trademarks in order to achieve this. As a result, companies and businesses go through the process of positioning brands in the minds of customers. This is referred to as brand positioning. Brand positioning enables various companies to create a unique consciousness in the minds of the customers. This makes customers associate something particular and attractive with a company’s brand and, thus, makes it stand out in the marketplace. In the current world, brand positioning plays an important role in grabbing the attention and retention of consumers. This is because the correct brand positioning enables the buyer to buy a precise product services or produces. Producers can use varying approaches to do this like eye-catching packaging, economical pricing, as well as thrilling promotions. Besides, intelligent brand positioning can change consumer’s standpoint regarding a certain product (Kachersky and Carnevale, 2015:157-164). This implies that intelligent brand positioning can reduce the negative impacts of brand positioning on consumers. The discussion will center on how brand positioning can minimize the adverse effects of branding on consumers through intelligent brand positioning.

According to Kachersky and Carnevale (2015:157-164), there are certain challenges in the fashion promotion and marketing that reduce the credibility of an organization to achieve desired goals and objective adequately. Identification of most valuable customer, unable to keeping pace with changing trends, price discrimination, lack of sales event planning and lack of demand prediction highlighted the challenges in the fashion promotion and marketing strategy. Implementation of social strategies recognized as leading issues for the Pichulik in the current competitive business environment. Lack of event campaign is also challenging for the brand to introduce innovative product characteristics in the marketplace. The company is facing issues regarding social media channels to integrate the promotional strategies with the right customers. According to.., marketing involves the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the ultimate consumer. Marketing is the exchange of goods and services flowing from the producer to the end user. Abdullah Saif (201:7-15), reveals that for a marketing strategy to be successful there is need for a firm to take into consideration and incorporate several services such as customer needs analysis, market segmentation, product development and distribution.


The research is likely to find that the marketing practices employed by the firm include the use of text messages using mobile phones, referrals and direct marketing. It will further reveal that there exists a positive relationship between effective marketing practices used by the local fashion houses and market penetration. The firm develops new products after every two months. Therefore, there is a need for the top management executive to craft and adopt marketing strategies that enable that are compatible with the fashion trends and the needs of the customers. This will improve customer satisfaction and hence boost market penetration. The marketing research is likely to reveal that the fashion industry in South Africa should seek to ensure that fashion apparels accommodate the diversity and the cultural setting of different customers to meet their unique needs. The fashion industry should adopt and maintain international standards to attract both local and international markets. This will attract a wider pool of customers and bolster market penetration. Besides, the research is likely to show that the most popular challenges include competition, market complexity, inadequate capital, nature and complexity of the fashion market, lack of modern technologies, new standards in the fashion industry, frequent changes, paradigm shift for the retail sector, need for speed and need for sustainability. The brand identity recognized as perception of brand in the minds of customer. The brand identity associated with the typeface, tagline, tone, and name or could be logo. The brand identities of Pichulik are the combination of RI to integrate the unique identification of brand. This sign reveals fashionable clothing for women in a concise budget.


The customers of Pichulik spend the considerable amount on fashion clothing for noticeable hair to toe look. The customers of Pichulik is looking for great going out looks fabulous shoes as well bags that initiates the perfect place to pick everything at Pichulik. The customers of Pichulik are independent and brand loyal in relation with high self-esteem. The brand opportunities for the Pichulik are to focus on customer changing trends for better development of promoting fashion marketing. Quality fashion clothing at affordable price determines the perception of the brand in the minds of the customer. Effective utilization of OMNI multiple channels enhance brand awareness and reinforce to purchase brand products. The retail fashion industry is growing in all over South Africa.


The data will comprise of primary data which will be collected using self-administered questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. The questionnaires will consist of both open-ended and closed-ended questions based on the objectives of the study. The questionnaires will be divided into two sections, A and B. Section A will seek to address the socio-economic factors of the respondents while section B to address data on the general information of the respondents’ views and opinions on matters that related to the research objectives. The questionnaires will enable the researcher to obtain clear and in-depth information. The instrument will be administered in English language. The respondents will include managers, partners, supervisors, owner chief executive operating officers, and customers. The questionnaires will be accompanied by a cover letter explaining the need for and treatment of information collected in meeting the purpose of the study. A questionnaire is considered an appropriate yet inexpensive survey instrument to use when substantial information is sought through structured questions from a large sample that is widely dispersed geographically. These factors may influence the selection of the questionnaire as the survey instrument to be employed in the primary collection of data.


This parts highlights on the research design that will be adopted to meet the study objectives. It comprised of the research design, population, sample size, data collection and analysis methods.

7.1 Research design

This marketing research will be quantitative in nature and a descriptive research design will be utilized. A descriptive research describes characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied. It does answer questions about how, when, why. The study will be able to gather quantitative data on the socio-demographic characteristics of respondents. Although not part of the objectives, this information will be critical in meeting the objectives of the study and making cross tabulations. Detailed information on the research objectives can be well provided by detailed qualitative data that will establish patterns, trends, and relationships between market variables.

7.2 Sample size and sample design

A sample is a part of a large population that is thought to be representative of the larger population. The sample size to be taken is 400 respondents out of a population of the target population of 500, which makes it 75 per cent effective considering studies by Truesdell, Bence, Syslo and Ebener (2017:66-83), who stated that a sample size of seventy per cent is accurate and effective. The study will employ a purposive sampling; the choice of this sampling approach is because it will enable the researcher to select the unit of analysis which are relevant to the study objectives as noted by Truesdell, Bence, Syslo and Ebener (2017:66-83), factors such as expense, time and accessibility frequently prevent researchers from gaining information from the whole population. Purposive sampling will be used to select the businesses and companies to be targeted and the area to be visited. Purposive sampling will be done to ensure that all the major players in the fashion industry participate in this research.

7.3 Data analysis

Both descriptive and qualitative analysis techniques will be employed in the analysis of data. Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets will be used to process the quantitative field data. Analyzed data will be presented using Tables. On the other hand, qualitative data will be analyzed using content analysis where common themes will be obtained and clustered in line with the research objectives. Inferences will be made from this data and conclusions drawn from the findings.


The ethical considerations in this marketing research will involve adherence to the law. Ethics have to do with an individual’s behavior shown through how one conducts and serves. During research, researchers are expected to portray the highest level of integrity avoiding research meant for personal fulfilment or negatively impacts on others, where are also expected to maintain confidentiality and privacy of the records.


Theoretical concepts of effective marketing practices have been revealed to have a greater impact on improvement of business processes. Challenges in marketing of cloth products are said to influence consolidations of the firm’s marketing strategy. Pichulik recognized as most fashionable and style clothing brand in high street of London with wide range of product category. The marketing strategy of Pichulik associated with the consistent in seamless shopping experience, brand awareness through advertising, building loyal user over online experience and sales promotions to strengthen the Pichulik positioning. Different marketing tactics explored to overcome the bad publicity. After that, analysis of in-store and online environment of Pichulik elaborated in the fashion industry. The product ranges of Pichulik indicate the wide range of variety of men, women, and kid clothing accessories. The target markets of Pichulik bransd are for fashion lover for and women. The ages 18 to 35 are the common target market of Pichulik. The customer profile is seeking fashionable and independent customers with high self-esteem. Therefore, the research concludes that there exists a positive relationship between marketing strategies used by the local fashion houses and market penetration. It was observed that new apparels were developed after every two months by fashion houses. This was attributed to the implementation of marketing strategies.


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