Easyairways company case study

Requirements Gathering


Easy Airways requires an enterprise information system to help them manage and monitor their business, performing analysis of their operations to check where they can be made efficient and help save time and money. In order to assess the entire implementation for Easy Airways strategic problem, a preliminary analysis needs to be done, presenting the user’s view, depicting main functionalities which are central to the client.


  1. Manage Flights
  • Log flight data
  • Log inventory data
  • Track inventory usage
  1. Engineering Support
  • Tracks services
  1. Awarding Programs and VIP Lounge
  • Awards and Points for customers
  • Track and gain points
  • Redeem points
  • Track lounge services
  1. Website
  • Company information
  • Customer login
  • Book flights
  • Check flights
  • Check insurance
  • Online shopping
  1. Ticket Sales
  • Online sales or promotional agents
  • Purchase Ticket
  • Redeem and gain points
  • Print ticket or get e-ticket
  • Promotional agents can request more tickets

System Users

  • Easy Airways Admin
  • Easy Airways Staff (Lounge, Sales, Flight)
  • Easy Airways Customers
  • Easy Airways Promotional Agents

Domain Analysis

EasyAirways Company

Flight Management: Allow users to add, edit, delete, and store data regarding the flights, and consumable products, calculating costs and providing with analysis data and stats, and will include users like the flight staff, and EasyAirways admin

Engineering Support: Add data to database, and manipulate it, analyse recorded data, users will include the engineering team, Easy Airways admin

Awarding Programs and VIP Lounges: Allow users to record required data, allocate and analyse frequent flyer data, and customers to avail privileges, gain points and spend them. Users for this domain are EasyAirways staff (Lounge staff), EasyAirways Admin, EasyAirways customer

Website: An all-inclusive platform with a customer login, where admin and Easy Airways staff can update company data, flight details, allow customers to check-in, book tickets etc.

Ticket Sales: Users for this domain are EasyAirways admin, sales staff, and promotional agents, who can track online and agent ticket sales. Promotional agents may request more tickets and receive commission later


Scope Outline

Flight Management

Operational Database

Records the flight log

Records inventory for consumable products like fuel, meals, tissues, cleaning liquids etc.

Calculate costs of products consumed inflight

Analyse costs for budget management

Engineering Support

Record each service in database

Analyse service data to calculate potentially dangerous aircraft components and cost effective of the repairs and services

Awarding Programs and VIP Lounges

EasyAirways memberships, customer type (frequent flyer/VIP), calculated using flight distance, and class travelled

Point awarding

Analyse the usage of EasyAirways memberships for all classifications.

Record VIP lounge’s customer data and usage

Calculate and record data analytics


Customer Log in (frequent flyers/VIP) to check points earned, class level updates, check in, purchase of goods with points etc.

Display company information

Customers book trips, check bookings, deals etc

Ticket Sale Management

Online ticket sale or promotional agent sales

Promotional agents can request more tickets if needed

Record of customer purchase information, which is submitted to the ticket sales management

Payment Charges for customers

Agent’s commission percentage calculated for each flight promoted, agents can request payment

Integrated system for all agents

Domain Concepts

EasyAirways Company

Domain Dictionary






Allows user to log in to the system using valid credentials



User can log out from system at any time



User can add data to an editable database where required function present



User can edit data in an editable database where required function present



User can delete data from an editable database where required function present



User can update data to an editable database where required function present

Lounge Staff user


User who works for the Lounge services on the airport for airlines

Engineering user


User who works an engineer staff on the ground for the airline

Sales staff user


User who works on the staff desk for the airline or the airline office



Customer for the airline



Admin for the airline

Promotional Agents


Exclusive sellers for the airline tickets

Add/Update/Delete Users


Admin can manipulate user access and information accordingly

Request Tickets


User can request more tickets from the batch, this process is exclusive to the Promotional Agents

Request Membership


User can request a frequent flyer membership/ upgrade on membership

Confirm Requests


Admin/Staff can accept or deny user requests pertaining different processes

Online Shopping


User can shop online on the website

Purchase Tickers


User can purchase tickets online or from promotional agent



User can print their ticket or any viable documentation



User can receive ticket or any viable documentation in the email

Payment Charges


Extra 5% charges are added on the American express card on time of payment for customers

Calculate costs


Calculates costs for different inventory and services

Calculate consumable inventory


Calculate consumable items on a flight

Agent’s Commission


Calculated using how many flights the agent promoted

Award Points


Points are automatically added to customer’s account when they buy a ticket or purchase one from partner company’s credit card

Book Ticket


Customer can book tickets online

Online Shopping


Customers can log in and use their points or money to shop online on the airline website

Check insurance


Customers can check if they have an insurance for the travel period

Check deals


Customers can check potential deals on tickets

Online Check-in


Customers can check-in online to their flights before hand

VIP Lounge’s Usage


Calculates usage of inventory items and services in the lounge

Behavioural Modelling


EasyAirways Company

Stakeholders and Actors




Admin is able to access and perform all functionalities and data. They can manage users, grant access, and perform other admin responsibilities as needed


Customers will be able to sign up and log in to the website and the Award Program, where they can perform various tasks including booking online, tracking points, purchasing goods from points etc.


Staff is divided into lounge staff, sales staff and flight staff; Lounge staff can access flyer details which allow them access to privileges like VIP lounge etc, where as flight staff can log and access flight details and inventory to prepare flights. Sales staff is responsible for the ticket sales division


Engineers can access the technical data related to the services being performed on ground

Promotional Agents

Promotional agents are registered sellers with the airline who can sell the tickets and promote flights. Agents can request for more tickets if needed

Use Case Summaries

EasyAirways Company

Use Case Summary






Redeem Points

User can use their points collected online by spending them on various products or services that can be redeemed using the point system

Customers, Admin


Request frequent flyer memberships

User can register themselves on the award program and input their travel history in order to enter the membership program. They can request membership once a certain number of miles have been collected, according to which they are allocated the membership class. Once the request is accepted, users can pay for the service and added enjoy benefits

Customers, Admin


Lounge Inventory and Staff

Users will be able to input information regarding usage of lounge services, amenities and the number of staff present and needed throughout the day, also recording the class of flyers attending the lounge

Lounge Staff, Admin


Purchase Tickets Online

Users can access the online ticket sales system and purchase a ticket. This data is then recorded for further use.

Customer, Admin


Request more tickets

Users can request more batch tickets to sell to potential customers

Promotional Agent, Admin


Record ticket sale information

User can access and update the record of the ticket sale, adding relevant data regarding the sale if needed, which is not already updated through the system

Sales Staff, Admin

Use Case

Use Case:

Purchase Tickets Online




Allow users to purchase tickets online from the system




Once user is registered on the system, they can book their tickets online and pay for it

Primary Actor:


Supporting Actors:

Sales Staff, Admin


Customer, Sales Staff, Admin, EasyAirways Company


Ticket Information


Ticket Information


Ticket Sales Record


User must be registered on the system


User wants to book a flight for travel

Normal Flow:

Once user logs in, and provides adequate data like date of travel, one way or two-way ticket, destination, price range etc, they can search for potential tickets, choose one, and pay for it online.


If they are a frequent flyer then they can use their frequent flyer ID to redeem or get points.

Alternate Flow/Exceptions:

User can opt for a promotional agent to purchase ticket


Ticket successfully purchased; purchase history updated on database

Non-behavioural Requirements:

Security, Reliability, Extensible, Maintainable

Open Issues:

No open issues


EasyAirways Company


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Use Case Diagram

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Activity Diagram

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Structural and Dynamic Modelling


EasyAirways Company

Preliminary Class Candidates



Use Cases

Purchase Ticket







Purchase Ticket

Search for suitable ticket

Check availability

Purchase online or through agent

Get points if frequent flier

Print ticket or get e-ticket on email

Request Ticket

Send request admin for more tickets

Agent checks tickets available to him currently

Needs more tickets

Sends in request to sales staff/admin

Receives more tickets if available, else waits

Ticket Information

Gather information about tickets available, including all viable data

Send this data to ticket sales management

Admin or sales staff can view, edit, add, and delete information about currently available fights and their tickets

Purchase Records

Displays information about ticket sales

Fetches records from classes like Ticket information and Purchase Ticket

This data is then sent to ticket sales management for analysis

Sales staff or admin will be able to view purchase records, search for particular ones, and use that data to analyse ticket sales

User Information

Stores data about registered users like customer, staff, admin etc

Takes data from the Register function and saves it to be used for Login and updating user profile

Request Membership

Allows customer to send a membership request for a frequent flyer badge

Uses information from Customer Travel History and Purchase Records to determine the membership eligibility and class of membership

Customer puts in a request for membership

Checks if their flyer miles and flights are up to date

Admin checks details and informs customer if they’re eligible and for what class

Customers may pay for extra VIP service in lounge, else they will be given first class and business class passenger privileges which are complimentary

Redeem Points

Allows points to be redeemed

Uses data from members table to check how many points a member has

Customer can use their points online to either purchase a new ticket or online goods

Lounge Services

Records customer information along with services they are consuming, and other related data

Sends this data to the Lounge Services and Staff Record class to be used in combination to perform required analysis

Customer visits a lounge

Staff scans their boarding pass

Enters if they are a VIP customer or frequent flyer and what class membership, they have

Customer then can enjoy all attached benefits

Lounge Services and Staff Record

Records all data including customers, inventory like food, and the number of staff needed per lounge etc

Uses data from the Lounge services class to pre-fill already available data

Staff or admin can check the inventory and record for the lounge services being prepared and used

They can calculate how much staff is needed per lounge

They can use all this information to perform required analysis

Customer Travel History

Records customer travel history

Used by the Redeem Points class to calculate which class membership does a customer deserve

Customer/Admin/Staff can view customer travel history

This data can then be used to upgrade a passenger’s membership

Class Diagram

easyairways company case study Image 3

Sequence Diagram

easyairways company case study Image 4