DP321 Development Planning and Administration Assignment 2

Commonwealth Executive Masters in Public Administration



Marks: 100


  • There arefourquestions (essays) in this
  • Answer AllQuestions in this
  • Each question takes25 Marks.
  • The answers must be written in an essay format and with proper referencing/citation. B.Marks will be awarded for good referencing.
  • For each question, write a minimum of5 pages, plus a page of references.
  • Use a minimum of five different sources/references to answer each

Specific Instructions for Essay Writing

  • Communicate clearly and provide a source for every sentence that is not your own opinion. Learn to use multiple sources in one paragraph.
  • The ideal essay will have an introduction which outlines everything that is going to be discussed in the essay. It will also have some sub-headings of the issues that are going to be discussed. A discussion which has explanations and examples will give the students more marks. At the end, the essay must have a conclusion, which summarizes the issues that were discussed in the essay. Every academic essay must have references at the end.
  • In this regard, marks will be allocated in the following manner for each essay: 2 marks will go for a good introduction; and another 2 marks will go for a good conclusion. 15 marks will go for the logical presentation and discussion of the issues. And lastly 6 marks will go for overall presentation and proper referencing/citation procedures. There is no right or wrong answer; students are expected to show their analytical and critical thinking skills and ability to use multiple sources when addressing academic issues. (Total: 25 marks).
  1. What is meant by development planning? Discuss the nature, scope and significance of development planning in your country. Use relevant examples. (25 Marks)
  2. What is planning? Discuss the challenges and opportunities for the implementation of plans in your country. Use relevant examples. (25 Marks)
  3. Development of education, health, agriculture and industries paves the way for achieving overall development. By using the case of your country, discuss the planning and developmental issues in relation to the above-mentioned facets and suggest ways for improvement on these accounts. (25 Marks)
  4. What is meant by a developmental state? What are the main characteristic features that make Botswana a developmental state? Discuss with the aid of examples. (25 Marks)

NB. Students are required to use relevant case studies and journal