Dominos Report Sample Assignment

Domino’s focus in the last 10 years has changed significantly to a point where as opposed to labelling them self as a fast food / pizza business the prefer to be labelled as a technology business who operate in the pizza/fast food industry. Sharp (2012 , p. 205) talks about monitoring and responding to environmental changes, understanding what is going on in your business environment and the ability to respond and adapt to environmental change.

Domino’s ethos has always been towards convenience and quality for their customers and by following the environmental changes they have been able to keep on top of the game in their industry by introducing technology that far outweighs anything other pizza companies have.

To improve customer satisfaction and lower the number of complaints and reduce the number of pizzas rejected by the consumer, Domino’s have introduced a ‘live pizza tracker’ this is a system in that when a pizza comes from the oven a picture is taken by a camera mounted above, this assess several things including if the pizza has enough toppings, the toppings are evenly spread and if the product is at the correct temperature. These photographs are then sent to the store manager, the customer and management should any complaints arise. By using such technology Domino’s have adapted to environmental change and by doing this their customer satisfaction should increase in turn giving them more repeat consumers.

Domino’s have also made huge technological advances to the way that orders can be made to keep up with modern changes in the fast paced world of technology, by doing this they have understood the need of there customer base and adapted by introducing ways to order their products including things such as mobile phone and tablet applications, SMS ordering and many others.

Domino’s are also doing things somewhat different to what Sharp explains in his text, and in some instances instead of monitoring and responding to environmental change are trying to futureproof the company and prepare for environmental change by doing a lot of research and development, such as DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) a autonomous delivery vehicle that is able to hold a customers order and by using footpaths deliver the order directly from the store to the customers door.  

Dennis Maloney, explained domino’s strategy in the article “Is Domino’s a pizza company or a tech company?”: “We’re delivery experts. If everyone becomes an expert, we’d have to figure out other ways to differentiate ourselves.”

these marketing strategies have proven to be super effective to Domino’s business, profits have been increasing annually  in the 2015/2016 Domino’s (ANZ) posted a record net profit or 118.5 million and an increase in online orders by 30%.

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