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you need deploy oracle ten unix and windows based

You need deploy oracle ten unix and windows based servers

82 Chapter 2 ✦ Study Guide

10. Which of the following can be used to create a password file? (Choose all cor- rect answers.)
A. ORAPWD Utility
B. Oracle Enterprise Manager
C. Database Configuration Assistant
D. ORADIM Utility
E. Server Manager line mode

2. You need to deploy Oracle on ten UNIX and Windows 2000–based servers. The installation on each of the UNIX and Windows 2000 computers should be iden-tical and automatic without user intervention. Once Oracle has been installed on each computer, you also want to configure the ability to use Oracle
Enterprise Manager to centrally administer all of the computers running Oracle. You already have a repository and Oracle Management Server config-ured on an existing Windows NT–based computer.

How would you perform the deployment of Oracle to the ten computers?

2. If you have AutoPlay configured, the Oracle Universal Installer should start automatically. If not, navigate to the root of the CD-ROM drive and invoke the setup program for your platform (SETUP.EXE for Windows-based platforms).

3. Select Install/Deinstall Products from the menu initially presented to launch the Oracle Universal Installer.

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