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you can see the list saved filters from the catalo

You can see the list saved filters from the catalog pane

Creating Simple Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses

4. Instead of selecting the values, we can also select other options by clicking on the Add More Options button in the Edit Filter window. The Edit Filter window is going to pop up when you edit the existing filter in the Criteria tab. You can use an SQL Expression or an existing variable. But unfortunately, the variables won't be displayed automatically. You'll need to write the variable name manually. Besides these options, you may be interested in calling the database functions. There are three ways to call the database functions directly:

� The EVALUATE_PREDICATE function: Used for functions with a return type of Boolean

Syntax: EVALUATE_PREDICATE('DB_Function(%1)', Expressions)

6. When you drag-and-drop the saved filter, RegionWestFilter, the Apply Saved Filter window will pop up so that we can configure the settings of the saved filter. There are two checkboxes that are specified below. Without selecting any checkbox, just click on the OK button.

� Clear all existing filters before applying: By selecting this checkbox, all existing filters will be deleted from the analysis.

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