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would execute the olap load step

Would execute the olap load step


Chapter 9

Data Transformation with IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Center


In the first process flow in Figure 9.7 (left flow), the target of the “Using transients-SQL” step is defined as a transient table called TRANSIENT. This table is then used as a source to the two OLAP steps that populate two dif-ferent cubes. Now as each of the OLAP steps executes, prior to them loading the cube, it will run the “Using transients-SQL” step, and once complete, the OLAP steps will complete. In this case, you will notice that the schedules are not on the “Using transients-SQL” step, but on each individual OLAP step indicated as by the small clock icon. In fact, if you were to schedule a step that produces a transient table, you would get a runtime error.

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