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thus twhere the total voltage applied

Thus twhere the total voltage applied


0 V

Figure 18.34 : Resistance to voltage conversion for a thermistor


R t

where V is the total voltage applied, in Figure 18.34 this is shown as 6 V, R the value of the resistance between the output terminals (10 k Ω ) and Rt the resistance of the thermistor at the temperature concerned. The potential divider circuit is thus an example of a simple resistance to voltage converter. Another example of such a converter is the Wheatstone bridge.
Control and Instrumentation Systems





Infrared radiation

Figure 18.36 : Optoisolator: infrared radiation is used to transmit signal from input to output circuit

Time Signal 0
(a) (b) Time

no electrical connections between them. This can be done using an optoisolator ( Figure 18.36 ). Such a device converts an electrical signal into an optical signal, transmits it to a detector which then converts it back into an electrical signal. The input signal passes through an infrared light-emitting diode (LED) and so produces a beam of infrared radiation which is detected by a phototransistor.

18.5.3 Analog-to-Digital Conversion

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