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this machine also based ubuntu server

This machine also based ubuntu server


Goal Build a small system for a small non-governmental organisation (NGO) with around 50 employees. A portion of the workforce, around 20, is made up of short term volunteers from all around the world (terms are typically between 3 and 6 months). Whilst employed by the company, the volunteers are given similar, but not the same access to systems as fulltime staff. Once volunteers leave, all access must be revoked.

Gateway/Firewall [lion]

Machine name Lion is work as Firewall and Gateway both. this machine is only machine which can communicate to outside network. to do so we give this machine two ethernat card, one that connect to external isp and other is connect to internal Lan network. for security this machine have firewall that only allow port 80 for webserver and port 22 for ssh shell connection. all other port is block by defaults. ubuntu ufw firewall package use as firewall

Server Elephant is Document Server for internal LAn Network. mediawiki as used as for document publishing software and lighttpd used as httpserver. ip assign for dhcp server. web server asses by hastname and domain name. only one network interface is require for this machine which is connected to internal Lan network.

Web Server [giraffe]

Machine jaguar uses as File share server. samba use as file share server. this machine have large disk space. one network interface connected to internal Lan network.

Backup Server [camel]

1. FireWall and Gateway.

Virtual Machine Config
OS : ubuntu 11.10 server
Network : eth0,eth1
Ram : 256
DiskSpace: 20GB
Software: Package: ufw,iptables

iptables --table nat --flush iptables --delete-chain



now modify /etc/network/interfaces

Virtual Machine Config
OS: ubuntu 11.10 server
Ram : 128
Diskspace : 2GB
NIC : eth0
Sofware: dhcp3-server

setup dhcp server:
change in /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server

and give machine name monkey

Document Server [elephant]

/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart


File Server [jaguar]

Virtual Machine Config
OS: ubuntu 11.10
Ram: 256
Diskspace: 20GB
NICs: eth0
Package : samba

jaguar 0 user user1

IDPS [eagle]


sudo tasksel install lamp-server snort acidbase snort-mysql


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