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they rally support from stakeholders and the execu

They rally support from stakeholders and the executive management team

According to the PMBOK® Guide, the project charter is a document issued by the person (or organization) who initiated the project or the project sponsor. My experience has been

that the project charter requires input from the

The project manager is the person who assumes responsibility for the success of the project. The project manager should be identified as early as possible in the project and ideally should participate in writing the project charter.

The project charter identifies the project manager and describes the authority the project manager has in carrying

out the project. The project manager’s

Project managers will identify activities and tasks, resource

requirements, project costs, project


performance measures, and more. Communication
development companies often sponsor conferences


seminars. The sponsor pays for the event, the facilities, and the goodies and provides an opportunity for vendors to display their wares. In return, the sponsor comes out looking like a winner. Because it is footing the bill for all this fun, the sponsor gets to call the shots on conference content, and it gets the prime spots for discussing its particular solutions. Last but not least, it usually provides the keynote speaker and gets to present its information to a captive audience.

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