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the upper window displays the controls youve loade

The upper window displays the controls youve loaded for test

462 CHAPTER 15



Even though Microsoft doesn’t provide the tools required to create a property page directly, you

Methods are usually less error prone than working with properties, but you still need to check them for problems. All you need to do to interact with the methods your control supports is use the Control � Invoke Methods command (you can also click the Invoke Methods button on the toolbar). In addition to the get and set methods for various properties, you’ll find all of the other methods that your control supports in the Invoke Methods dialog box shown in Figure 15.4.

To use a particular method, such as ResourceURL (PropPut), you select its entry in the Method Name list. To set a property, you always use the PropPut option—to read it you use the PropGet option. Setting and checking a property requires several steps.

Figure 15.4
Verify that each method
provides the result you
intended as output.


TIP The ActiveX Control Test Container doesn’t always fully unload from memory, which might

prevent you from updating the type library (TLB file) during a registration. When this problem

Tracking Events

Events are the basis of many ActiveX control activities. ActiveX Control Test Container has two win-dows. The upper window displays the controls you’ve loaded for test, while the bottom window dis-plays any output from the control. Output, in this case, occurs (at least, in most cases) because some event has fired. The control derives some events from custom programming; other events occur as part of normal control operation (as part of the base class). For example, you’ll normally see a Click event generated when the user clicks a button.

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