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the table dept loaded with the following select de

The table dept loaded with the following select deptno

Chapter 15 ■ Data LoaDing anD UnLoaDing

Notice how in the call to replace we had to use \\n, not just \n. This is because \n is recognized by SQLLDR as a newline, and SQLLDR would have converted it into a newline, not a two-character string. When we execute SQLLDR with the preceding control file, the table DEPT is loaded with the following:

40 FINANCE This is the Finance
Office in Virginia

Use the FIX Attribute

This file specifies an input data file that will have records that are 80 bytes each. This includes the trailing newline that may or may not be there. In this case, the newline is nothing special in the input data file. It is just another character to be loaded or not. This is the thing to understand: the newline at the end of the record (if present) will become part of the record. To fully understand this, we need a utility to dump the contents of a file on the screen so we can see what is really in there. Using any UNIX/Linux variant, this is pretty easy to do with od, a program to dump files to the screen in octal and other formats. We’ll use the following demo.dat file. Note that the first column in the



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