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the second the use the for rec the main loop the c

The second the use the for rec the main loop the code


Chapter 5

This role is granted to a user in the usual way:

grant password_protected to business_user;

set role password_protected identi


112: 726f 6c65 2070 6173 7377 6f72 645f 7072 role password_pr

128: 6f74 6563 7465 6420 6964 656e 7469 6669 otected identifi

Securing Your Database

through roles granted at connection time and does it in a way that avoids hard coding or exposing the role password.

Preventing Application Access



upper(rec.program) in ('MSACCESS.EXE','SQLPLUSW.EXE') then



There are two additional points of interest in this code. The first is the use of AUDSID � USERENV('SESSIONID')) to identify the currently connected session within the trigger. The second is the use of the FOR REC IN in the main loop of the code. You might ask why a loop construct is used when we only expect the query to return a single row containing the details of the connected session. The benefit of this

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