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the four integer values are the storage space occu

The four integer values are the storage space occupied the file



Operator Details


password is correct—in other words, matches the StartJobPassword or SystemParamsPassword system parameter.

The current level of save nesting is no deeper than it was at the time the cur- rent job started.

If any of the three conditions is not satisfied, startjob pushes false on the operand stack and has no other effect.

password is a string that authorizes switching between encapsulated and unencap-sulated jobs, as well as between an ordinary encapsulated job and a system admin-istrator job. If password is an integer, it is first converted to a string, as if by the cvs


file status bool

(if found)

filename status pages bytes referenced created true

bytes The length of the file in bytes.

referenced The date and time the file was last referenced for reading or writ- ing. This value is interpreted according to the conventions of the underlying operating system. The only assumption that a pro- gram can make is that larger values indicate later times.

statusdict contains product-dependent operators and other data whose names and values vary from product to product, and sometimes from one version of a product to another. Information in statusdict is associated with unique features

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