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the code for property initialization precedes your

The code for property initialization precedes your custom constructor body

New Productivity - Improving Syntax❘1011

Public Overrides Function ToString() As String
Return String.Format(“ID={0}, Customer={1}, Date={2}, #of Items={3}”, _ID, _CustomerName, _OrderDate, _Items.Count) End Function

Despite the fact you can access the backing fi eld from code, it is not a good practice to do so. Use direct backing fi eld access only when it is really necessary — generally because of performance considerations.

Public Sub New(ByVal initialID As Integer)
ID = initialID
End Sub
‘ --- Other members omitted
End Class


➤ You cannot initialize an auto - implemented property that is a member of an Interface or one that is marked MustOverride .

➤ When you declare an auto - implemented property as a member of a Structure , you can only initialize the auto - implemented property if it is marked as Shared .

➤ You want to add code for the Get or Set procedures.

➤ You need to extend the backing fi eld with attributes or comments.

Dim PrimesUnder50 As New List(Of Integer)

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