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the choose condition type dialog box now has signa

The choose condition type dialog box now has signature

474 CHAPTER 15


4. Click Next. You’ll see the Choose a Condition Type dialog box. The condition type deter-mines how the system identifies the code you want to work with. It’s important to set this feature correctly because you don’t want just anyone to have a given level of access to the system.

Figure 15.11
Set the level of strong
name support required
to maintain a secure


The port number appears as part of the Solution (SLN) file that Visual Web Developer creates for you. After

you create the project, build and start it one time (even if the project doesn’t contain any information). The

VWDPort = 5892


Security is an essential part of working with controls. You must maintain a secure environment to retain the user’s trust. It’s important to realize that security is problematic—that you can’t rely on security to remain stable or even constant. Someone is going to find a way through your security mea-sures, so you must couple good programming techniques with constant vigilance.

One way to improve your chances of creating a secure environment is to employ digital certificates on your Web site and in all your code. A digital certificate is a series of numbers forming an identity that acts as a key to lock and unlock files, identify a particular individual or company, and perform other cryptographic tasks. It’s more secure than the public/private key combination generated by the Strong Name utility (SN.EXE). The “StrongName versus Publisher Evidence” sidebar provides an over-view of digital certificate issues.

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