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password values githubintext sql dump filetype int

Password values githubintext sql dump filetype intext into admin 2.6.32-41-server #89-
Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 27 22:33:31 UTC 2012 x86_64. Jay Turla a.k.a shipcode

inurl:"/dbman/defa ult.pass"

Google Hacking *SAP Business Object 3.1 XI* inurl:"InfoViewApp/logon.jsp" twitter @firebitsbr

inurl:phpliteadmin. php

Hello, Enumerate Solarwinds Orion network monitoring portals. In some cases, the portal can be accessed
without authenticating. -Sean

allinurl:"User_info /auth_user_file.txt "

Dork to find Plugin errors in wordpress websites Dork - intext:"Fatal error:
Class 'Red_Action' not found in"

inurl:newsnab/ww w/

inurl:newsnab/www/ automated.config.php

******************************* ******************************* *********

intext:username= AND email= AND password= OR
pass= filetype:xls

you really should fix this security hole by setting a password for user '.root'. inurl:/phpmyadmin

Gives sites with default username root and no password -- nitish mehta

runtimevar softwareVersion=

Hits: 807 Config file from Thomson home routers, sometimes it contains password's and user's encrypted
Contains ACS servers info from ISP's

ext:xml ("proto='prpl-'" | "prpl-yahoo" | "prpl-silc" | "prpl-icq")

*Google Search:* xml%20(%22proto='prpl-

*Description:* Find Accounds and
Passwords from Pidgin Users. Google limit queries to 32 words so it?s
impossible to search for all Account-Types in one query! List of all Params: Feel free to build your own search
query. proto='prpl-'; prpl-silc; prpl-
simple; prpl-zephyr; prpl-bonjour; prpl-qq; prpl-meanwhile; prpl-novell; prpl-gg; prpl-myspace; prpl-msn; prpl-gtalk; prpl-icq; prpl-aim; prpl-yahoo; prpl-yahoojp; prpl-yah; prpl-irc; prpl-yabber *Author:*

filetype:inc OR
filetype:bak OR
mysql_connect OR mysql_pconnect

filetype:inc OR filetype:bak OR filetype:old mysql_connect OR mysql_pconnect

insite:pass && user

filetype:sql insite:pass && user

PRIVATE KEY" filetype:key -
github inurl:sftp-

inurl:web.config inurl:ftp

intitle:"RouterOS router
page" intext:sftp-conf.json +intext:/wp-content/

allinurl:"owa/auth/logon.aspx" -google -github


inurl:"struts" filetype:action

Find disclosed FTP login credentials in github repositories Credit: RogueCoder

[+] Description - Find OWA login
portals Regards, necrodamus 00

I am Un0wn_X Symlink User configs intitle:Priv8 SCR

Google search for actoin files wich could be explotable via CVE-2013-2251 "Multiple Remote Command

Execution Vulnerabilities in Apache Struts"

intext:phpMyAdmin SQL Dump filetype:sql intext:INSERT INTO `admin` (`id`, `user`, `password`) VALUES -github

intext:phpMyAdmin SQL Dump filetype:sql intext:INSERT INTO `admin` (`id`, `user`, `password`) VALUES -github How This Work?

inurl:/control/useri mage.html


ext:sql m intext:password

ext:sql intext:password

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